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I'm like halfway done with my Stargate Reverse Bang fic (due in a week, omg I am so panicking), and I just realized I have a MAJOR CANON PROBLEM.  There was no time when a) Teal'c had a prim'ta, b) the SGC had reliable access to their own interstellar ships, and c) Daniel Jackson was on the team.  And for the plot to work as it is designed, I sort of need all three?  Like, Daniel and Teal'c are stranded for a while (longer than Teal'c would reasonably have tretonin supplies for) and the SGC needs to be able to come find them.

I suppose I could set it in, like, season 5 and have the SGC get ahold of Bra'tac?  He is more reliable than the Tok'ra, at any rate.

This is what I get for trying to write a story for a show I once knew encyclopedically but haven't watched in a while.
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Join us at [community profile] wipbigbang Sign up March 24-April 7 and Finish Your Sh**! This is a Big Bang with one goal in mind: to clean out your drafts folder. These are stories that were unfinished for whatever reason, that authors returned to and completed, and the art that goes with them! All fandoms welcome!

Last year I finished my Criminal Minds/Stargate crossover, The Genetics Factory.  Should I sign up again?  If so, which of my many WIPs should I work on?
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So, you guys remember my Criminal Minds/SG-1 fic that I asked for help with a while back?  It's in the home stretches, which, yay!

The problem is that I haven't actually watched CM in several seasons.  Like, I watched it religiously for years, and then after the whole shenanigans with Prentiss "dying" and coming back I kind of drifted away?  And I figured, this fic, which has been a WIP since before that point (and a plot bunny before that) could just be set sometime in those first seven seasons or so, and so then I wouldn't have to worry about it.  Or I just didn't have to mention what season it was set; after all, the only BAU characters who appear on-screen for more than a few lines are Derek and Rossi and Garcia, and it's a casefic (so few personal details are shared), so one could imagine it taking place at any season since Rossi joined the team, right?

And I suppose I could still do that!  But.  I just found out that Derek is now married with a baby son at home.  And I think that's AWESOME, showing a black action-hero character who often gets stereotyped as the "angry black man" as a family guy.  And having a family at home would make the kidfic aspects of the story resonate throughout, rather than feeling (as now) tacked on at the end.  It would tie things in nicely.  Only problem is ... like I said, I haven't watched the show in YEARS, I'd never even HEARD about this character until today, in order to write her I'd have to watch the episodes she's in, it would probably add quite a few thousand words to the story (which I thought was in the home stretch!).  AND THE ROUGH DRAFT IS DUE NEXT SUNDAY.  (This fic is for [community profile] wipbigbang )


ETA: Have watched the Savannah Hayes eps available on Netflix, which only has CM through season 10.  Alas, the critical eps--"Derek," "The Sandman," and "A Beautiful Disaster," are not available anywhere free that I can find.  I mean, I could pay the $3/episode to buy them on, but I don't want the eps in and of themselves.  Especially not "The Sandman," which seems to just have one or two short scenes with her in them.  And "A Beautiful Disaster" she's in the hospital in labor.  "Derek" has a long hallucination from Derek about their relationship, which might be worth it, though.

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Lo these many years ago, when I was just a fannish newb trying to post fanfic to LJ, my elders passed down to me a secret: how to html code your fic the easy way in Microsoft Word, without either introducing errors or weird characters.  You see, if you use a rich text interface and go directly from Word to the rich text posting, things like smart quotes (quotes which curl toward the quoted text, which is Microsoft's default) will come out as weird characters when viewed in some browsers.  If, however, you post into the html interface, you lose the smart quotes ... but you also lose all other formatting like italics and so forth.  (And AO3 doesn't have the option of a rich text interface, so you HAVE to put in html codes yourself.)  And if you write while inserting the html tags as you go, it looks a lot messier and is harder to read and edit, at least for me, anyway.

And so here I am, passing on what I have learned so that nobody has to hand code all their italics.

Here's the simple and easy way of coding your italics and such in Word.  (Instructions will be using Word 2007, because it's what I'm currently using, but it's roughly the same in every Word version I've ever used.)
  1. Write your fic as if it is a normal story.  If you want to have something italicized, just do it using Word's normal functions.  If you want something bold, do it using Word's normal functions.  Do this with all formatting like that.  Don't put in any html coding at all.  Just remember what formatting you put in that you will want to keep.  EXCEPT scene breaks.  If you use something like this *** and Word turns it into lines for you, stop it from doing that.  (You can do this by hitting the backspace every time it does that, it should revert to *** for you.)  Use consistent characters for scene breaks, the same every time.
  2. When done and ready to post, hit ctrl-F.  This will bring up the Find box.  There are three tabs at the top; Find, Replace, and Go To.  Click Replace.  There will now be two fields in the box, Find What and Replace With.
  3. Put your cursor in the Find What field.  Type in whatever characters you use for scene breaks.  Then put your cursor in the Replace With field, and type < hr > (remove the spaces).  Click the "Replace All" button.  You now have the html code for horizontal lines at all the scene breaks.
  4. Delete the scene break characters from the Find What box.  Click the "More" button; more options should show up.  Down at the bottom, there will be a "Replace" section with three dropdown buttons, one greyed out.  Click the "Format" dropdown and select "Font."  A new dialog box will appear.  Click Italic in the Font Style box, and then Okay.  This dialog box will disappear, taking you back to the Find/Replace box, and underneath the Find What field it will now say Font: Italic.  Move your cursor to the Replace With field and type in < em > (without the spaces).  With your cursor still in the Replace With field, click the "Special" dropdown at the bottom and select "Find What Text."  A caret and ampersand (^&) should show up in the Replace With field.  After the caret ampersand, type < / em > (no spaces).  It should look like this, except without the spaces: < em > ^& < / em >.  Click "Replace All."  All of your italic text will still be italic, but it will now have the html tags around it.  You don't have to worry about remembering to close tags--the open tag will be inserted just before the italics begin, and the close tags will be inserted just after they end, leaving the text in the middle just the same as you typed it.
  5. Do the same with bold text, changing "italic" to "bold" in the Font Style box and using the strong tag instead of the em tag in the Replace With field.
  6. Do the same with any other formatting you want to do in html.
  7. Save As.  Instead of just hitting "Save," click "Save As" button and select .txt from the file type dropdown.  It'll ask you if you're sure, because that will strip out a lot of the formatting.  Click yes--you want to get rid of all of Microsoft's bulky and weird formatting, leaving nothing but your text and html tags.
  8. Open the .txt version of your story in a program like Notepad that does nothing but read .txt files, and copy and paste from there into the HTML posting interface of the site of your choice.
And there you have it!  A lot simpler and easier than typing in your html tags by hand, with no chance of missing a close tag somewhere.

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Maria Hill Fic Fest!


There needs to be more fic about the woman who single-handedly
rescued Captain America, the Black Widow, and the Falcon from death at the hands of
HYDRA with nothing more than her brains, a stun-wand, a laser-cutter,
and balls of titanium, so come play in the May 2016 Maria Hill Fic Fest!
On LJ here
and DW here

If you don't know how a comment fic fest works, it's pretty simple:
1. Leave a comment containing a prompt, scenario, or quotation to inspire someone else. If you want to leave characters or pairings in addition to Maria, then add them in!

Maria & T'Challa, understanding and responsibility
Maria, gen, We are made to persist. That's how we find out who we are. (Tobias Wolff)
Maria/Steve, sex in uniform up against a wall where there's the fear of discovery

2. Pick a prompt. Write a drabble (100 words exactly), ficlet, fic, novella, or GRAND EPIC TALE about Maria from that prompt.

3. Post it/link it to the comment-fest, putting the title/character/pairing/rating in the subject line.

MCU: "Killing In The Name Of" by Tielan - Maria & Natasha, R (violence)
Ultimates: "If It Wasn't For Those Damned Kids" by SelDear - Maria, G
Comics: "UnPleasant Hill" - Maria/Steve by SueLinley, PG-13

4. Do it all over again!

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You've probably already read it, but [ profile] franzeska has some EXCELLENT meta on AO3 about fandom, racism, sexism, shipping, slash/gen/het, fandom history, hypocrisy, and counterproductive activism.  It's long but OH SO GOOD.  With a lot of really important points that get completely missed in most discussions of these issues.  I have a few quibbles and one major problem with the piece, but overall I agree with most of it.

Your Vagina is a Bigot; My Vagina is a Saint

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... when a loved fic author who gafiated years ago with many WIPs posts to their LJ saying they're back and writing fic again!

It's awesome!

In this case, thank you, [ profile] sgcbearcub for many hours of fun reading, and hopefully more to come!

(Now, the bad news is that they say they're probably not going to work on any of their Stargate WIPs in the forseeable future, but still.  The others will be nice.)

For those of you who don't know them (because they've been quiet for years and even way back when they weren't exactly a BNF), [ profile] sgcbearcub wrote X-Files, SG-1 (Sam/Jack), Harry Potter, Labyrinth, and I think a few others.  Long, plotty stories.  Most notable for me, they wrote my favorite clone!jack (in this case clone!team) stories ever, a trilogy: Monkey Screaming, Mirror Image, and Silk and Chains.  (Actually, going back and rereading it, mostly the snowcamping trip in Mirror Image chapters 8-10 and all the competence!porn that is Silk and Chains.)

You can find their fic at the Pit of Voles [ profile] SGCbearcub, and a few other odds and ends at an old website. (And ISTR that at one point there was also the beginning of a really interesting Tok'ra-fic on some webboard somewhere, but I imagine that's lost in the mists of time--I think it was about creating a new Tok'ra Queen after Egeria died?  And somehow Jack and Sam were ending up as hosts?  And possibly seceding from Earth?  I thought that one was a Bearcub fic, but I could be wrong--and anyway, it's probably lost to the mists of time.)

Thanks for all the great fic, thanks for coming back to finish at least some of it, and best wishes as you try to make the jump to profic!

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Grace and Frankie, for those who don't know, is a hilarious Netflix show starring Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda as two women whose husbands (Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen) announce that they are leaving them because they've been having an affair for the last twenty years and want to get married now that it's legal.

I enjoyed season one, and although not particularly fannish about it I was looking forward to season 2, which will be out in May.

I was reminded of this because [community profile] fancake's current theme is "older characters," and as I was choosing fics to rec I thought I should check out the Grace and Frankie fic and see if there might be something there, both for me and to rec.  I wasn't expecting huge amounts of fic, but I thought it was worth checking out.

I found four fics.  Disappointing, but eh, it's a Netflix show about older people with no SF/F elements, so not terribly surprising.

Of those four fics, three are about the main characters' husands.  One is about their kids.  Not a single fic is about the actual main characters of the show.

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Okay, so I was on AO3, searching for new Star Wars fic.  Specifically, Force Awakens Star Wars fic.  And so I clicked on the Force Awakens tag, and sorted by number of hits, because that's a pretty good way of getting the best stuff.  Or, at least, the stuff everyone is reading, but whatever.  Most of the real duds get weeded out by this, you know?

And I was shocked by what I found.  In the first three pages, there were at least TWO SEPARATE REALLY LONG SECOND-PERSON FICS.  And not, like ordinary you-as-one-of-the-characters fics.  No.  Both of them were romances between "Kylo Ren/You."

I have not read either one of them.  I am sure, to get up that high into the hit counts in the Force Awakens tag on AO3 (which is a pretty large tag), they must be good fics.

But.  Like.  You guys, I started out reading fanfic in the 90s on the ancient (.com?) Star Wars archive that was lost to the mists of the intarwebs over a decade and a half ago.  And on a few other fanfiction websites of similar age.  And there were a decent number of those Character/You second-person fic.  And they were all terrible.  Pretty much across the board.  Look, I was a bored teen who spent a lot of time reading fanfic, and there was A LOT LESS of it then.  I read everything, even the really bad fic.  There were a few signs that a fic was going to be really bad, and you knew that going in, but it was that or the fic I'd already read a dozen times, I read it anyway.  And Character/You was like a bright flashing neon sign LORD KING BAD FIC HERE.  (Grammar, spelling, plot, characterization, you name it.  Being asexual I can't comment on the hotness of the porn aspect, but everything else was bad.)  And then people just ... stopped writing second-person fic.  And slowly and steadily the fanfic writing world expanded, and the fandoms I'd read expanded, and my time grew more constrained by adulting, and I stopped reading badfic because a) there was a lot more selection available, and b) I had less time to read fanfic in, which together meant I started reading only good quality stuff I liked.

Seeing those two "Kylo Ren and you get it on!!!" fics was a blast from the past in a bad way.  Like I said, given how high they are in the rankings, I'm sure they are decent quality.  But even if I liked Kylo Ren, you could not pay me enough to make me read them.
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1. Your 3 fanfics with the most comments:
Lieutenant Bennet's Visit, A Change in the Wind, To The Stars

2. Your 3 fanfics with the most kudos:
Lieutenant Bennet's Visit, A Change in the Wind, Darcy's Surprise

3. Your oldest fanfic:
Consequences, an SG-1 kidfic I wrote because I was sick of all the Sam/Jack kidfics where magically everything was happy fluffy bunny without taking into account fraternization regs, the personalities involved, etc. tells me that fifty different people have read it in the last month, which, wow, who woulda thunk it?

5. Your proudest fanfic:
I ... have no clue what this even means.  Like, are they asking for a fic that took me years to write before actually getting finished?  That would be A Space For Faith (DS9) and A Family Story (Superman Returns).  Then there's The Desert Between, which I love the worldbuilding in, but being proud of the worldbuilding isn't necessarily the same thing as being proud of the story--the worldbuilding was completely separate and came first, and the story came about because people were Writing Reboot Vulcans Wrong.

6. Your longest fanfic:
Consequences, followed by Family Matters (The Things Inside Remix)

7. Your 3 fanfics with the most bookmarks:
Lieutenant Bennet's Visit, A Change in the Wind, To The Stars

8. Your favorite character to write in fanfic:
I don't really have a favorite?  I mean, whatever I happen to be writing at the moment?  Which mostly depends on the fandom.  And within each fandom, the ones I write most these days tend to be either the ones I feel need more love or the ones that get requested in a ficathon.

9. 3 fanfics you love that aren’t already listed:
Orphaned Days, hey good looking what's cooking, Intuition and Ingenuity, I could go on for hours about different fics I love.  These aren't necessarily my favorites, just the first ones that came to mind.

Bonus Round: Your 3 favorite fanfics not posted yet.
The Cyd Charise was a Vulcan one, the CSI/Stargate crossover, and the one where Anakin and Padme get couples therapy.

Tagging [personal profile] sixbeforelunch, [personal profile] staranise, and [personal profile] anghraine 
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There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe (77571 words) by Shoshanah-ben-hohim
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin
Evgeni Malkin, Sidney Crosby, Mario Lemieux, Sergei Gonchar
Additional Tags: Ensemble Cast, Kid Fic, Original Character(s), Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals, St. Louis Blues, New York Rangers, Columbus Blue Jackets, 2018 Winter Olympics, Homophobia, Xenophobia, Child Neglect, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Mutual Pining
Summary:  Amidst rising political tensions between Russia and NATO countries, the KHL and NHL failed to renew their labor agreement this summer. Due to the failed agreement and intense political pressure at home, the Russian NHL players do not return to the NHL.

By March, Geno has played almost a season in Russia, and accepts this is his new reality, no matter how much he misses Sid – until he finds the first child. This sets him and everyone he involves down a dangerous path of international intrigue.

All I can say is, I hope there's a sequel!  I want to know more!  This is an awesome and gripping story, an AU that is in some ways scarily plausible.  Go, read it now!


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