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Chapter 4

Ahsoka stood behind her Master and Ob-Wan as they waited for the shuttle to land. The Force had been with them; this was such an obscure planet in a backwater sector. It would have taken weeks for the experts to get here from Coruscant, if that had been necessary, but it had not.

Jocasta Nu had been away from the Temple for only the second time in the duration of the war, to attend a conference on how to preserve data and artifacts amid the destruction of war. Mace Windu had been escorting Senator Organa on a fact-finding mission just a sector away. It had taken a day for them to rendezvous with Master Nu, and another day to reach Ch'tagra, where the 501st was waiting for them.

The wind picked up, and Ahsoka almost shivered. Anakin must be really cold, if it was cool enough that she was feeling a chill; their temperature preferences were both extreme for their species. Anakin liked things hot and got cold easily; she liked things cold, and overheated easily. The next generation of temperature-regulation in the armor might be good enough that she could stand to wear it. That would make her master happy, on the battlefield, but it would slow her down.

She dragged her attention back to the shuttle as it landed. It opened, and the customary greetings were exchanged. Senator Organa hung back, but then, this was Jedi business and he was quite literally along for the ride.

"I had thought, Master Windu, that Anakin would escort you to our guest, while I show Master Nu the device," Obi-Wan said.

"I don't need to see him," Master Windu said. "This whole place is a shatterpoint. Everything here is … in flux. You haven't changed anything yet, but … it would only take the slightest move."

"Your assistance with the device would be appreciated," said Master Nu. "It was a previous Jedi's experience with shatterpoints that spurred the breakthrough the technology was based upon. You may have some insight that I would lack."

"I confess, I am more interested in your … guest than I am in the device," Senator Organa said. "Whether he turns out to be a time-traveler or not, there are not many who can sneak up on Jedi and clones together."

"You must not speak with him until we have confirmed his origins," Nu said. "Master Kenobi was quite right to forbid it. This technology was abandoned for a reason; it is entirely too dangerous and unpredictable to use. The smallest things can change the timeline in quite unpredictable ways; and yet, other things are strangely resistant to change. It is unpredictable and the possible benefits and damages are impossible to predict."

"He's actually pretty boring," Ahsoka said. "I mean, he can't talk to us and we can't talk to him, so he just kinda … sits there." Master Windu and Master Nu both looked disapprovingly at her—oh, right, they both belonged to the Padawans should be seen and not heard school of thought, especially when it came to things like contradicting Republic Senators. "But I can take you to see him, if you'd like, Senator."

"Thank you, Padawan Tano," Organa said.

She led the way off through the camp without looking back, even though she would much rather have been with the others examining the device. It wasn't like they were going to learn anything new from Finn, after all—Obi-Wan had forbidden him from even sharing his last name with them.

They entered the tent where Finn was staying to find him playing sabacc with his guards. The two clones scrambled to attention as Ahsoka and Senator Organa entered. Finn looked like he wasn't quite sure if he shouldn't be joining them.

"Sirs!" said Kano. "It's just a harmless way to pass the time. No talking about anything other than the game itself, I swear it."

"Sergeant Kano's right," Jesse said. "Actually, having something to pass the time makes it less likely one of us will say or do something that might be significant."

"Hey, don't look at me," Finn said. "The last thing I want to do is jeopardize my chances of getting home."

"It's fine," Ahsoka said. "Senator Organa, may I present our guest, Finn? Finn, this is Senator Organa of Alderaan."

"Pleased to meet you," Finn said. He glanced between them. "Does this mean the experts have arrived to figure out how I can get home?"

"Yes," Organa said. "You're anxious to get home?"

"Oh, yeah," Finn said, staring at him. Maybe because it was such an obvious question, but what else could they talk about? Anything else was too loaded, and Ahsoka wasn't sure she should have actually introduced them by name. What if the fact that Bail Organa was Senator from Alderaan was significant?

"So, have they figured out if you're from the future or the past?" Organa asked.

"That kinda depends on whose perspective you're talking about, doesn't it?" Finn said.

"And, in any case, that's really enough talking," Ahsoka said. "I'm sorry to interrupt, Senator, but we really can't afford to take chances." She turned to Kano and Jesse. "Why don't you go back to your game?" She gestured to the door, and Organa followed her hint with only a slight pause.

"He looks so ordinary," Organa said once they were outside.

"Yup," Ahsoka said. It wasn't what he looked like, it was the hints he'd offered about the time he came from that were interesting. "What were you expecting?"

"I don't know," Organa said. "Not that."

"Hey, Finn, where's your head?" Jesse asked.

"Not here," Finn said, studiously avoiding meeting Jesse's eyes as he had since the clone had taken his bucket off. Having the Imperial symbol painted on his helmet was one thing; seeing it tattooed across his face and head was somehow even more disturbing. Finn hated that symbol and what it stood for; at the same time, seeing it tattooed on a trooper's face—allowed that kind of individuality, subverting everything it stood for—held a kind of fascination for him.

Finn was treating everything he saw as if it were real and genuine, which made the clones his brothers. Fathers? Uncles? He still wasn't quite convinced that he'd travelled in time, but on the other hand … this was way too much effort to go to just to confuse one poor ex-Stormtrooper, current Resistance agent. And even if it was, he couldn't see the harm in going along with it.

"That's obvious," said Sergeant Kano.

"You know Organa?" Jesse asked.

"Trooper," Kano said, dangerously.

"Right, sorry," Jesse said. "Question retracted. I fold, anyway." He made a face at his cards and tossed them down.

Kano and Finn continued the hand for a few more minutes before Kano conceded, and then it was time for a meal and Finn had time to think without it being obvious that their visitor had distracted him.

Senator Organa.

As in, General Organa?

It was in times like this that Finn absolutely hated the galactic obsession with having more than one name. If one name wasn't enough, couldn't they at least stick to one single system? Even within a single species, there could be multiple systems. In a year with the Resistance, he'd come across at least six among humans alone.

Usually, but not always, the second name was a family name shared by clan members. Usually, but not always, you kept that name through life. Sometimes it changed with marriage or other significant life event. Sometimes it didn't. Sometimes kids took their father's clan name, sometimes their mother's.

General Organa and Master Skywalker were brother and sister, but they (obviously) didn't share last names. General Organa hadn't taken Han's name when they married; Master Skywalker wasn't married (that he knew of). So those were probably the names they'd been given at birth. And if they were in the middle of the Clone Wars, well, Finn had never been good at remembering the dates once the test was over, but they were about the right age to be born sometime during it or only a few years afterwards. Either Anakin Skywalker or Senator Organa could be their father. (Or both? Standard model was children came from male/female mating, but there were ways around that.) But whatever their parentage was, the Force had to be up to something, putting him in a position to meet both of them, one right after the other.

There was something else nagging at him, he knew, as he ate his meal—combat rations, very similar to what he'd gotten as a Stormtrooper when he'd been shipboard. Something about Organa that bothered him.

After eating, he lay down on the cot they'd given him and tried to figure it out. Senator Organa, Republic Senate, Alderaan. Alderaan? Alderaan!

"It is the time travel device, there is no question about that," Master Nu said, springing down from the pile of rubble to the stable ground around it. "It appears to have sustained some damage when the building housing it was destroyed. And it was never designed to be exposed to the elements. I do not believe it can be repaired—it would take years of research to fully understand the device, and begin to fabricate the parts necessary."

"And then we would have a working time travel device, which we don't want," Obi-Wan said.

"Except to send Finn back when he came from," Anakin pointed out. That poor guy—he was the one stranded, far from home, and people kept forgetting that, talking more about what they could learn from him, or the damage he could do, than anything else. Anakin thought of the prospect of never seeing Padmé, Ahsoka, or Obi-Wan again, and shivered. And he was a Jedi! How much worse would that be to someone who hadn't been trained from childhood to let go of attachments?

"And then what?" Obi-Wan said. "Good for Finn—then we have a working time travel device, can you imagine what the Separatists would do if they got their hands on it? Or, Force forbid, the Sith?"

Anakin shrugged. "That's what explosives are for, Master." He studied the device, dull and cold now. It was strange to look at machinery and have not the slightest clue where to start fixing it. "You're sure there isn't some way to just jerry-rig it for a single-shot trip to return Finn home?"

"I'm sure, Jedi Skywalker," Nu said, sounding annoyed.

"I concur," Windu said. He'd been wandering around, looking at the thing from all angles. "This whole planet is one big shatterpoint—except for that thing. That thing is dead, and can't change anything—or be changed. But it's got residue. Whatever it's done, it's already done. There will be no more change from it."

"Poor guy," Anakin said. "How do we tell him?"

Chapter 5

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Date: 2016-06-06 02:16 pm (UTC)
schneefink: (ahsoka)
From: [personal profile] schneefink
Poor Finn :( He lost his friends (and his friends lost him!) and he'll have to start all over again. But I'm confident that he'll manage and eventually find a good place for himself. After all the chaos is over, on which his presence will definitely have an impact...

Such an intriguing concept! I'm so curious how Finn's incomplete knowledge will affect things. Will the Jedi try to debrief him?, that'll be fun... Finn is a good guy and he knows some bad things are going to happen, he'd like to help except knowing that time travel is involved he's probably also scared to say anything in case he makes things worse.

I'm really looking forward to how this will develop!

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Date: 2016-06-06 04:14 pm (UTC)
schneefink: River walking among trees, from "Safe" (Default)
From: [personal profile] schneefink
Yeah, Poe definitely paid much closer attention in history class (I wonder what even passed as history class for First Order troopers, but presumably nothing very informative.) Rey might know even less than Finn, but Rey is also likely to go off and do her own thing and land in her own story, which doesn't fit if this is Finn's.

I can't decide who I want Finn to become friends with the most. Several good options.


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