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I'm working on my [community profile] ssrconfidential 2017 fic, and I could use a beta.  Well, right now I need some plot advice/brainstorming and in about a week I'll need a beta.

ETA: actually, I just finished it!  So, no brainstorming needed, but still need a beta.

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  • It's like 11k words (now, but it's not finished),
  • it's Teal'c-and-Daniel focused stranded-fic,
  • it has two possible endings and I'm not sure which to go by,
  • the thematic/stylistic stuff I'm trying to put in to get it to match the tone of the artwork is NOT WORKING,
  • it's due on the 30th (though it won't be revealed until a week later so if I can bang out a finished draft, post it on the 30th, I should have time to actually whip it into shape by the time it's revealed.)


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Mostly what I need is someone to tell me if everyone is in character and if it hangs together on a meta level.
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It's that time of year again.  As some of us are frantically writing Yuletide stories, there comes the challenge of finding betas for obscure fandoms that we don't normally write in and so don't have a beta for.  There are several ways of finding betas, but one of them is to ask a hippo in the Yuletide chat to find someone for you.  (Hippos are matchmakers to help people find betas without compromising their anonymity as authors.  Here's an instruction manual and explanation, if you're interested in joining chat or learning more.)  And usually, they can!  But sometimes even the hippos in chat fall short.  There are currently several beta requests, a couple that have been open for a couple of days, so I thought I would try to publicize them.  If you can help with one of them, you can either go into chat yourself and talk to the Hippo there (if they're online), track them down some other way, or ask me and I'll hook you up.  The hippo will then send you the contact information.

Hippo: prinzenhasserin
Fandom: Dangan Ronpa 3, 10k words

Hippo: prinzenhasserin
Fandom: Trails of Cold Steel, 13k words

Hippo: kinetikatrue
Fandom: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (TV) 27k words (gore warning)

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Okay, my Criminal Minds/SG crossover fic for [community profile] wipbigbang NEEDS A BETA OMG.  Preferably a beta who is watching current Criminal Minds episodes.  General plot/theme/characterization issues, and also HALP I NEEDZ AN ENDING.  (Seriously, I keep reaching points where I thought the fic was going to end and it ... hasn't.)  It's currently about 27k long, and IF IT GETS ANY LONGER IT WILL NOT BE READY BY THE DUE DATE, OMG.


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I have just written my first Pacific Rim fic for the autistic exchange, and I need a beta.  7k words, Newt and Hermann, any takers?
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I need a beta for a 4k Babylon 5 fic!  Quickly!
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My Marvel Halfamoon fic is done and posted, but it needs a beta.  Anybody willing to beta a 2k gen Peggy and Angie fic?  The archive goes live in a couple of days so I would need a quick turnaround.
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I'm hippoing in YuleChat right now (the IRC for [community profile] yuletide ), and we have a request for a beta that's been open for about twelve hours now, and I'm hoping you guys can help with it.

There is a 7k word fic set in a modern-day sci-fi canon.  The author is White, the character they are writing is African-American, and the fic deals with racial issues, so they want a check to make sure they're not showing their ass.

If you can help with this, you can either PM me or yaseanne (the other hippo who's been trying to scare up a beta for this author-anon), or join the chat and PM one of us there.  We'll connect you with the author.

We're also looking for someone to beta fics for Final Fantasy XIV, Polly and the Pirates, Super Danganropa 2, H2O Just Add Water, and FNaF.

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I am a pedant and a grammar geek.  I'm normally the one who gets tweaked by apostrophes in the wrong place and always notices when someone uses the wrong word and it really tweaks me off.  (The large annoyance factor has to do with my Aspergers, I'm pretty sure.)  (Which is why I was so surprised that this weekend at the synod's youth gathering I wasn't the one to spot the repeating error in the devotion directions--it said "scared" instead of "sacred," so there was like a whole page talking about "scared space," and once somebody pointed it out to me it was pretty funny, especially considering it's October and I'm on the board of a group planning a small haunted house in town.)

But, anyway, in fic I can usually tell when someone has too much reliance on their spellchecker and not enough on an actual dictionary to make sure they're using the right word.

Today I spotted a perennial favorite: "rouge" instead of "rogue"

Rogue (the word they meant) means "a person who is dishonest or immoral; a man who causes trouble in a playful way."  "Rogue" is also the name of one of the X-Men, and the name of Luke Skywalker's squadron in Star Wars.

Rouge, on the other hand, is an old-fashioned word for red (well, in English it's old fashioned, in French it's the regular word for it), and also an old-fashioned name for certain types of makeup, usually what we now call "blush" (i.e. the red stuff you put on your cheeks to give you color).  The nightclub Moulin Rouge (the setting for the movie of the same name) means "The Red Mill," so named for the red windmill on top of the building.

Having your hard-bitten investigators sitting around a table talking about bringing in someone who  "went rouge" is, er, unexpectedly humorous and gives me a mental picture of someone being brought in under arrest for being a drag queen or something similar, or possibly turning into a can-can dancer.  Not quite the effect the author was going for ...

This is one reason why betas are a good thing, because they (hopefully) catch things like this.  And I don't care how good a writer you are, everyone does this sometimes (or has a computer do it for you when it autocorrects incorrectly and you don't notice ....)

What are your favorite (or least favorite) perennial typos/misspellings/homonym abuses/malapropisms?
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I need a beta for a 3k-word Carol Marcus TOS fic.  Any takers?

ETA: Thanks, [personal profile] medie !
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A list of common grammar mistakes

If every English-speaking person had these rules drilled into them by the time they're 10, the world would be a better place.  (Well, not really.  But it would make me feel better!)

(Although 13 isn't quite right, or at least not complete--affect and effect can be difficult.  Both Yahoo and Wikihow have good explanations.)

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I need a beta for a story who knows Puerto Rican-American culture, as most of my story is taking place inside a Puerto Rican household in New York.  Since I know very little about either Puerto Ricans or New York, this is somewhat nervewracking for me.
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I need an SG-1 beta for a slightly-cracky piece set in season Ten sometime.  Particularly someone who could help me make sure the characters' voices are right--I like my crack in-character, I think that makes it funnier.
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So, I don't know enough about Judaism to write the seven fics required for [community profile] daysofawesome, nor do I have the time to write seven ficlets.  However, when I looked on their list of Jewish characters and saw Worf listed (on the assumption that his Human parents, Sergey and Helena Rozhenko are Jewish), I had to write something.  So, it is done now, but considering I got most of my knowledge of Jewish customs from Wikipedia, it desperately needs someone to look it over who knows more about this than I do and can catch a) any errors and b) anything unintentionally offensive.  Knowledge of Star Trek a plus.

ETA: Found!

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I need a beta for a 17k-word Superman Returns fic from Richard's point of view.  Help!
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My first draft of my [ profile] trekreversebang story is done and has been sent off to my artist, to see what she thinks.  (It's Sarek/Amanda with wee!Spock.)  I've sent a request for a beta to someone I think could do a good job, but no word yet; may be calling for volunteers.  I definitely need a beta; I don't know if the fic needs serious work or if I'm just being too critical with my editing brain again.
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Characters: Bill Adama (knowledge of the new Caprica series a plus)

Specifics: this shouldn't need much in the way of spelling/grammar help, but it needs an outside view to make sure that it hangs together and makes sense and the theme and tone work.  It's mostly a character study of Adama and his views on/interactions with Cylons, and it's set in late season 4.  It's just under 3k words, and I'm not sure that it works as a coherent whole.  It may need things added to it or taken out or re-written, and I'm too close to it to be able to see where the problems are.
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Hey, I need two betas!

One is an Uhura-centric Reboot post-movie piece about her dealing with Vulcan culture.  It is slightly under 12k words

One is a BSG pre-series fic about Daniel, the Cylon model that John wiped out.  It is 6k words.

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The first draft of my [ profile] help_haiti story is done, and I need a beta!  It's 1900 words of Data gen, post-Descent.


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