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Like Ephraim and Menasheh (2921 words) by Starlightify
Fandom: DCU
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jonathan Kent/Martha Kent
Characters: Jonathan Kent, Martha Kent, Clark Kent
Additional Tags: Alien Biology, Trans Character, Autism, Disabled Character, neurodivergent character, Parent-Child Relationship, Jewish Character, martha and jonathan kent's adventures in raising a space baby
Series: Part 1 of repairing the world
Summary: There's not exactly a manual on how to raise a space baby. Martha and Jonathan do the best they can.

This is actually a rec for the whole series this story is the first one of; so far it's about 20k words, each story of which is self-contained.  They are AWESOME.  Poignant, hilarious, well-characterized, matter-of-fact, trans-positive, neurodivergent-positive, Jewish-symbolism-not-Christian-as-Siegel-and-Shuster-would-have-wanted, and sweet without being saccharine.  I hope the author keeps writing these because they are LOVELY.
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So!  I am in the mood for some Lois Lane, Awesome Girl Reporter.  I take me to AO3, and find the Lois Lane tag, and sort it by kudos.  What do I find?

Pages and pages of Clark Kent/Lex Luthor slash (Smallville era) and Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne slash (current movies), with the occasional welcome break for Kara Danvers/Cat Grant femmeslash (Supergirl TV show).  In all of these, Lois is a minor background character who either a) gets our heroes together, b) is the obstacle to them getting together, or c) is off on the casefic aspect of the fic while the main focus is on our heroes getting together.

Now, it's nice to have the occasional femslash thing in there, so it isn't all "Lois Lane Pushed Aside for Whitecock," but still.  I'm not looking for Lois Lane, Minor Supporting Character (and shoved into a one-dimensional box to facilitate someone else's love story).  I want Lois Lane, Awesome Girl Reporter!

Going for the Clark Kent/Lois Lane tag does get me stories where Lois is actually a main character, although also a lot of stories where she's just there to be shoved out of the way for the whitecock pairing.  But while I love CK/Lois Lane fics, it's frustrating that either I'm limited to that or slogging through ENDLESS PAGES OF OTHER STUFF to get to what I really want, which is Lois Lane doing her job and being AWESOME at it.

This is also my problem whenever I'm in the mood for Sam Wilson fics.  In a very high percentage of fics, he is there to facilitate the Steve/Bucky angst.

And here's the thing: if AO3's character tags were broken up into "main character" and "supporting character," when I want stories focusing on Lois Lane or Sam Wilson or any of the host of interesting characters who get shoved aside in favor of the Major Pairing, I could easily find fics where they are the focus!
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So I just came across an "interesting" piece of meta about Superman as a 20th Century Messiah.  I get cranky about this, because the religious symbolism of Superman is quite obviously MOSES, not Jesus, as befits a character who was created by a couple of nice Jewish boys.  (Seriously.  His people were in jeopardy, so his parents put him in a little vessel/basket/ark and sent him off, so that he could survive and be raised by foster-parents.  Moses in the Nile getting raised by Pharaoh's daughter, anyone?)  Most of the other points of Superman that get pointed out as being analogous to Jesus either apply to Moses or other Hebrew Bible figures even more or are actually, er, not really applicable to Jesus.)

This one, however, takes the cake.  It starts off by talking about the Jesus/Superman/Messiah thing (complete with a Sacred Heart of Jesus painting right next to an image of Superman stripping off his suit to reveal the iconic S).  Then it mentions that Siegel and Shuster were Jewish, and this was the 30s and horrible things were happening to Jews, and that's why they needed a Messiah so they wrote Superman!

Problem: besides the fact that Superman is way more like Moses than like Jesus, if two nice Jewish boys were going to make a Messiah-like character, he would not be like Jesus.  No, really, Jesus does not fit the ideas that Jews have, now or at any time in the past, about the promised Messiah.  That's why, you know, they didn't follow him.  Over the milennia, Jews have had a wide variety of expectations about what the Messiah was going to be like, but the comparisons that come up the most often in such discussions are Moses, Elijah, and David.  It was at that point that I shook  my head and stopped reading.

If you want to talk about Moses and Superman, I am all over that.  Jesus and Superman ... no.

(Yes, I get that Siegel and Shuster haven't had creative control for seventy years, and that Christians have added in various Jesus-like actions and attributes, but by and large those haven't become a part of the core character.  Everybody knows about Superman being sent off as a child from Krypton to be kept safe from the dangers that threatened his people, you will find that backstory in every single Superman incarnation ever.  Things like the Superman Returns ending where Superman sacrifices himself to save the world from Lex Luthor's plot and lies in a coma in the hospital for a few days, on the other hand, are not part of the core mythos.)
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... when you go into your WIP file and read a story and go "wow, this is awesome, I want to know what happens next!" ... and can't figure out where you were planning to go from where it ends.  Or think up a new plan.

The story in question is a Criminal Minds/Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles crossover where, after ZeiraCorp gets taken out by a drone, the CM team gets called in to profile Sarah Connor and try to figure out just WTF is going on.  The fic fragment is basically the briefing where they're going over all of Sarah Connor's history and just ... baffled, because someone as delusional as she is should not be able to draw other competent, intelligent people into her delusions, and WTF is up with all these unidentified white males who keep going after her with heavy weaponry?!?  And that's all great, but what do they actually do when they get to California, and what are Sarah and Ellison doing, and ....)

Several of the WIPs I have no real memory of, and some I had forgotten about.  There's another WIP (25k of post-Superman Returns with Kara Zor-El and my take on the prompt that led to [ profile] ljs_lj writing Biopsychology) that I have no clue what's supposed to happen next with the action plot; this is less annoying, because I'm pretty sure the reason it petered out in the first place is because I never had any idea what would happen next with the action plot.  I have Lex Luthor refining Kryptonite rubble from the continent he tried to make, but I don't know what he's going to do with it.  I think I stopped writing in the hope that some nefarious plot would percolate through my brain if I put it on the back burner, and it hasn't worked.  And I love the story, and I want to know what happens next! ... and I don't.

Also, the combination of extreme cold and less-than-normal amounts of snow on the ground for this time of year has led to two water main breaks in town in the last two weeks, the first of which was only on the next block over.  My pipes keep gurgling, and I'm pretty sure it's got something to do with that.
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If you love comics or history, this is a fascinating look at DC and Marvel's history and how the two companies are different (and how they relate to one another.)

Last week, I dug in a little into the idea that even though they share prominent creators and have influenced each other back and forth over the course of the last 50 years, the DC and Marvel Universes have some fundamental differences in the way they’re structured. One of the things I really wanted to get across in that column was that neither one is really fundamentally better than the other, they’re just incompatible in a lot of ways, and I touched on how that results in something I call The Problem. Since that’s still pretty fresh in everybody’s mind, and since you were nice enough to set the ball right on the tee and hand me the bat, I might as well elaborate on that now. It’s actually pretty simple. To put it bluntly, The Problem is that DC wants to be Marvel, and they have for the past 50 years.
DC, Marvel And ‘The Problem’

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I'm feeling the need to write something different. You know what that means; fic prompt time. So. Anyone who wants me to write them a fic, comment here. Fics will be at least 500 words long. Each person should make at least two requests, of which I will write one. Each request should contain one or more characters from the list below and a short prompt (theme, quote, etc). ONE request may be for a sequel/timestamp/missing scene/etc. from a fic I have already written. (For instance, I would not be averse at all to writing something more in the universe where Maria von Trapp from the Sound of Music was a Potential.) Crossovers are acceptable, provided I am familiar with both fandoms. I do not write slash or explicit sex.

The Cylons (including the Final Five)
Bill Adama
Laura Roslin

Once Upon A Time:

Stargate: SG-1
General Hammond
Jacob Carter

Martha Kent
Jonathan Kent

Lucius Fox
Jim Gordon
Tim Drake
Babs Gordon
Terry McGinnis

Wonder Woman (as long as you don't mind a mish-mash of all DC canon regarding her)

Babylon 5:
Marcus Cole
Stephen Franklin
Susan Ivanova

Star Wars:
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Princess Leia
Mara Jade
Luke Skywalker
Han Solo
Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
Padme Amidala

Star Trek:


Terminator: SCC
John Henry

Marvel Movieverse:
Steve Rogers
Peggy Carter
Dr. Erskine
Pepper Potts
Maria Hill
Natasha Romanov
Bucky Barnes

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Title: A New Normal
Fandom: Superman Returns
Characters: Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Richard White
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 1434
Written for: [ profile] beckymonster in [community profile] yuletide 2011
Summary: Jason needs medical help. The Fortress can give it. Lois, Richard, and Clark talk.
AN: thank you to for the Kryptonian word for "father"

On AO3

A New Normal )
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Here is my current WIP list:

[ profile] xover_exchange fic.  (And once it's done, I'll probably have Yuletide to start.)

Desert Between sequel, set several years later focusing on Spock's Vulcan wife.  And what she thinks of the whole situation.  (I'm still not sure this is what would happen, if this is the choice Uhura would make; but [personal profile] laurajv wanted to know what would happen if it did, and upon reflection I realized so did I.)

DS9 original character fic that's been on the backburner for some time but is slowly moving up my priority list.  It began out of my fascination with Vulcans, and my love of Bajor and DS9, and my realization that it was highly unrealistic that the only non-Vulcans we see marry Vulcans are Humans, and there's a whole Federation out there.  So I set out to write a Vulcan/Bajoran love story.  Which then got bogged down.  I have since realized that it is not, in fact, a love story.  It is a gen friendship story, about growing and learning and respecting culture despite differences, and about being in transition.  It's one of those where I'm not sure it will ever be finished, but I like it and so keep going back and fiddling with it.

Batman Beyond--Terry and guns.  A short meditation on guns and the way people react to them that [personal profile] hradzka rightly pointed out needed an actual, you know, plot to go with the philosophy.  I will get back to it some day.

Superman Movieverse/DC fic to the same plot bunny that spurred [ profile] ljs_lj to write Biopsychology (and are you ever going to get around to writing that new sequel to it?)  My version is quite different, as the plot would focus on/be triggered by Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) arriving on Earth.  It's mostly about her and her issues and what she thinks of Earth and her cousin (and, eventually, his screwed-up love life, which is where the plot bunny comes in).  Since I finished my Richard-focused post-Superman Returns fic "A Family Story," I've had very little motivation to get back to this one, so it's staying on the back burner for now.  Maybe next year.  (I do intend to eventually get back to it.)

BSG AU called Jumping Time (and this may be the only time in my life I've ever been able to come up with a title before I had to post the fic).  Of all my WIPs, the least likely to get finished because while I have quite a number of scenes for it running around my head, I have no plot to tie them together with.  Basically, at the end of the series when Kara jumps the Galactica, instead of finding a new Earth they find themselves back in time about 6 months before the Cylon attack, and decide that the best way to save the Colonies is for the Rebel Cylons and the Final Five to infiltrate the Cylons and stage a coup against the Ones

I have several other plot bunnies, but those are the ones that not only have files, they have files pinned to my start bar so I can access them easily and they will stay in my head.

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Title: A Family Story
Author: [personal profile] beatrice_otter 
Fandom: Superman movieverse (with the Donner “Superman is Clark reveal” and the Lester amnesia kiss ending).
Characters: Richard, Clark, Lois
Word Count: 20,116
Summary: Jason’s three parents have a lot to learn about one another.
Betaed by: [personal profile] elf 
Rating: PG-13
AN: Alas, Brandon Routh did not see fit to fully utilize the differences between Clark Kent’s voice and Superman’s voice. (Much as I loved his portrayal, that’s one thing Christopher Reeve did better.) Please to hear this version of BR’s Superman/CK with greater difference between the two personas.
AN2: This has been sitting, half-finished, on my hard drive for three and a half years, since January 2007. I’m so incredibly glad to finally have it finished.

Had Jason had a nightmare? )
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Title: Self-Knowledge
Author: [personal profile] beatrice_otter 
Word count: 1800
Rating: PG
Fandoms: Superman
Characters: Clark Kent, Kara Zor-El, Lois Lane
Written for: [profile] azsapphire  in the [community profile] asexual_fandom  kink meme.
Summary: Kara’s question makes Clark realize that some of his assumptions about Kryptonians are wrong.

Three weeks after Kara Zor-El's escape pod crashed on Earth, she asked her cousin Clark a question. )
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I need a beta for a 17k-word Superman Returns fic from Richard's point of view.  Help!
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Title: Both Alike in Dignity
Author: [personal profile] beatrice_otter 
Fandom: Superman movieverse
Characters: Lara Lor-Van, Jor-El
Word Count: 1,338
Summary: Lara knows what she wants in life, and how to achieve it.
AN: Yeah, yeah, I know, in canon Lara is either an astronaut/scientist or a librarian. Given the discrepancy and how few Superman stories even mention her (and how few of those tell us what her profession was), I think I can safely make up what fits my story.

The House of El had been one of the most prominent of all Kryptonian houses since the days of barbarism. )
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Title: Lion-Headed Goddess with Bandages in Her Mouth
Author: Katt ([info]xenokattz)
Rating: Teen (strong language)
Fandom: DCU (aka comic!verse)
Characters: Lois Lane
Summary: I'm Lois Lane. I'm the best investigative reporter living.

Go now.  Run, do not walk, to read this story.

Even if you have no interest in comic books or the media based on them, you MUST read this story.  This is perhaps the best story about a professional woman I've ever read.  This is the Lois I love, the woman who is kickass and Made of Awesome and sharp and witty and strong and is able to balance being her own woman with sharing her life and love with Superman and isn't a bitch.  (I have a strong problems with stories where women can only be strong if they are bitchy, and if they're not bitchy the story is all hearts and flowers and puppy dogs.  Yeah.  This story?  This story is how to do a strong woman right.)

What are you waiting for?  Go!  Read!
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Title: No Place Like Home
Author: [personal profile] beatrice_otter
Fandoms: DCUniverse/Star Trek.
Word Count: 2,346
Written For: Multiverse 2009 [ profile] multiverse5000, June 11
Prompt: Kal-El, Amanda Rogers—Stop me if you've heard this before: an alien child with superpowers turns up in Kansas as an orphan, and is raised by humans until learning of their true nature as an adolescent...
AN: In the course of writing this, I realized that another DC/Star Trek crossover that absolutely cries out to be made is Q and Mr. Mxyzptlk. Please tell me that this has been done somewhere.

The first time Clark Kent met Amanda Rogers, he didn’t pay much attention. )
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So, I submitted four fics to the finish-a-thon and the one that was chosen I'm having more difficulty than I thought I would. It's just ... not inspiring me to write, at all. I feel very blah about it. It would actually be easier to write if I hated it than it is feeling indifferent, I think.
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Title: Freedom
Word Count: 100
Fandom: BtVS/Sound of Music
Challenge: #84: Anniversary

On the first anniversary of the day Maria knew she would never become a slayer, )

Title: No Place Like Home
Word Count: 200
Fandom: Tin Man
Challenge: #84: Anniversary

It was D.G.'s first Dorothy Day in the O.Z. )

Title: Belief
Word Count: 100
Fandom: BtVS/Superman Returns
Challenge: #84: Anniversary

A year after Superman disappeared, Lois was back at work (though only part time). )
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You know, the one I keep saying I've started work on again? (The one that's not from the Biopsychology prompt? ;) ) It's now at fifty-four pages, double spaced. 16k words. And I've been debating about whether it's long enough to need a b-plot, and I keep thinking of other emotional threads that need to get woven through, and that's what keeps stalling me. I don't outline and I write linearly (can't write piecemeal, have tried it and it does not work). When I realize an emotional resonance/theme whatever needs to get brought out, I can't just tell myself I'll put it in later and continue writing; it won't fit into the story from there on out properly if I do, and I'll end up having to tweak the whole thing instead of a few pieces here and there. (Believe me, I've tried.) I have to go back and edit it in, which then gets me out of writing mode and into editing mode, and I get bogged down. Then a while later (weeks, months, whatever--this thing's been my main WIP since January 20, 2007) I get the itch to write more and I add a few pages until I realize that my hindbrain has spun up something else in the meantime that needs to get put in. Most of it is just adding a line here and there, tweaking paragraphs--nothing major, but it takes time and mental energy and gets me out of writing mode and into editing mode. Through it all, I've had this feeling that it really is long enough to need some kind of B plot, and I've been trying to ignore that because since the main plot is an emotional plot the B plot should probably be an action plot, and I suck at action. (This is why I don't tend to write long stuff--I suck at writing action, and the longer a story is the greater the probability that the logic of the plot will demand action to be written.) I have just realized I am an idiot.

Yes, the story requires more action than the angsting it currently has. No, it does not need Lois and Clark to go out on a limb reporting and have Lex Luthor/Mr. Mxy/evil whatevers try to kidnap/kill them. It doesn't even need to have Lois and Clark working on investigating something relatively ordinary. The story isn't about Lois and Clark. It's about Richard. What it needs are flashbacks to earlier events that set up the stuff Richard is angsting about in the main emotional plot. That will be much easier to write, yay. (But I've still thrown myself out of writing mode and into editing mode again on this story, so it's not going to get started tonight.)

Anyway, to whet your appetite and finally get some of this out where people can see it, here's the first bit of the first scene as it stands now. )

By the way, [profile] ljs_lj, any chance of work on Biopsych three any time soon?  ::blinks innocently::
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What I should be working on, fic-wise:

*this year's [ profile] sg_rarepairings entry (1400 words done, no idea how long it will turn out to be, probably at least two times as long as it is now)

*the four prompts from this round that don't have stories written for them yet. One of the ones yet to be written really interests me, two are so-so, one doesn't inspire me at all and may just be quietly dropped.

What I am working on: the post-Superman Returns story that's been sitting on my hard drive since January of 2007. (No, [ profile] ljs_lj, not the Biopsych plot bunny, the other one that's six months older than that one.) Have finally figured out what I hope is the last elephant between me and finishing it, then will send it off to beta to see what someone else thinks of it. (It's been sitting in my head and been re-thought so many times I'm not quite sure about it.)


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