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Title: The Genetics Factory
Fandom: Criminal Minds/Stargate
Characters: Derek Morgan, Savannah Hayes, Dave Rossi, Paul Davis, Jennifer Keller
Warnings: none
Ficathon: [community profile] wipbigbang 2016
Betaed by: [personal profile] quinfirefrorefiddle 
Summary: In Detroit, homeless addicts are turning up dead. But there's more to the case than meets the eye, and the BAU finds themselves looking for something they don't understand. For Derek, it gets personal.

Art by: [ profile] penumbria 

At AO3

Cover Art showing Derek Morgan in a daycare center

The blueprints for the construction of one human being requires only a meter of DNA and one tiny cell. … even Mozart started out this way. )

Author's Note )
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So, what endearments (if any) does Derek use when he's talking with his wife Savannah?  Because I'm having trouble with their dialogue.  If anyone who has watched recent seasons of CM and knows their relationship could read my [community profile] wipbigbang for characterization of Savannah and their relationship, I would be awesomely grateful.

(The bears are ... slightly less vicious today.  The end is in sight.)

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Either that or the CM wiki is wrong.  Savannah Hayes, Derek Morgan's wife, is a doctor at what the wiki calls "Bethesda General Hospital."

And there is a Bethesda General Hospital!  ... in St. Louis, Missouri.

Somehow I doubt that's where Savannah works.

There are also Bethesda Hospitals in Florida (two of them).  Again, probably not where she works.

There is a hospital near DC that is colloquially known as "Bethesda," the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, in Bethesda, Maryland.  This can't be where she works because it is a military hospital, and as such would only be treating military people and their dependents, which is a problem since she treats Meg Callahan (child of one of the newer BAU members) in the episode Breathplay.  (And I'm not sure they have civilian doctors, either.)

There is indeed a civilian hospital in Bethesda, MD.  It's named Suburban Hospital, and it's part of the Johns Hopkins Medical System.  I am going to declare that for the purposes of my fic, this is the hospital that Savannah Hayes works at.

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Okay, my Criminal Minds/SG crossover fic for [community profile] wipbigbang NEEDS A BETA OMG.  Preferably a beta who is watching current Criminal Minds episodes.  General plot/theme/characterization issues, and also HALP I NEEDZ AN ENDING.  (Seriously, I keep reaching points where I thought the fic was going to end and it ... hasn't.)  It's currently about 27k long, and IF IT GETS ANY LONGER IT WILL NOT BE READY BY THE DUE DATE, OMG.


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So, you guys remember my Criminal Minds/SG-1 fic that I asked for help with a while back?  It's in the home stretches, which, yay!

The problem is that I haven't actually watched CM in several seasons.  Like, I watched it religiously for years, and then after the whole shenanigans with Prentiss "dying" and coming back I kind of drifted away?  And I figured, this fic, which has been a WIP since before that point (and a plot bunny before that) could just be set sometime in those first seven seasons or so, and so then I wouldn't have to worry about it.  Or I just didn't have to mention what season it was set; after all, the only BAU characters who appear on-screen for more than a few lines are Derek and Rossi and Garcia, and it's a casefic (so few personal details are shared), so one could imagine it taking place at any season since Rossi joined the team, right?

And I suppose I could still do that!  But.  I just found out that Derek is now married with a baby son at home.  And I think that's AWESOME, showing a black action-hero character who often gets stereotyped as the "angry black man" as a family guy.  And having a family at home would make the kidfic aspects of the story resonate throughout, rather than feeling (as now) tacked on at the end.  It would tie things in nicely.  Only problem is ... like I said, I haven't watched the show in YEARS, I'd never even HEARD about this character until today, in order to write her I'd have to watch the episodes she's in, it would probably add quite a few thousand words to the story (which I thought was in the home stretch!).  AND THE ROUGH DRAFT IS DUE NEXT SUNDAY.  (This fic is for [community profile] wipbigbang )


ETA: Have watched the Savannah Hayes eps available on Netflix, which only has CM through season 10.  Alas, the critical eps--"Derek," "The Sandman," and "A Beautiful Disaster," are not available anywhere free that I can find.  I mean, I could pay the $3/episode to buy them on, but I don't want the eps in and of themselves.  Especially not "The Sandman," which seems to just have one or two short scenes with her in them.  And "A Beautiful Disaster" she's in the hospital in labor.  "Derek" has a long hallucination from Derek about their relationship, which might be worth it, though.

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So I have a Criminal Minds/SG-1 fic I'm writing, and there's a case, and I need the Criminal Minds characters read into (at least a tiny bit of) the Stargate Program because Plot.

Why, that is easy! you say.  Have the SGC need the BAU to do a profile!  Except that, in the story as written, all the SGC needs is the case file.  Once they have that, they can look through properties belonging to corporations and people suspected of Trust ties until they find the right one.  And, in canon, they just call up to their friends in the White House and the FBI/Police/ATF/Whoever has to bend and spread 'em.  I need something more involved where, to find the Trust base, they need BAU help.

I would love someone to read what I've got and suggest ideas, or even just bounce ideas here on DW.

The story as written. )

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Yesterday, I added like 10k words to the Criminal Minds/Stargate fic I’ve had as a WIP for the last few years.

…9k or those words weren’t actually new, they were from a scene that didn’t work as-written because I was missing several crucial scenes that formed a plot hole.  So I had to take out most of what I had and do something different with the setup plot, and after a couple years of writing a few hundred words a month on it, finally got to a place where I realized I could just c&p most of the stuff that had to get taken out, it works again now!  Different context and setting, but it works!

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So there's a meme going around to pick lines from three WIPs you have.

But where's the fun in that? I have like twenty WIPs in various states of completion. Here are the ones most interesting to me/most likely to get finished:

1. My remix of [ profile] rapfic's "Going Native"

2. Sequel to The Desert Between

Vulcan! )

3. Untitled Teen Wolf thing.
I've never even seen a single ep, though I've read a lot of fic. It can't be that much of a problem, right? )

4. Stargate/Criminal Minds crossover
A casefic that gets personal ... )

5. Sequel to Unreal Things
Cylon!Daniel )

6. The one where Cyd Charisse was a Vulcan
Get your kicks on Route 66 )

7. The one where Anakin doesn't turn and he and Padme eventually get couples therapy.
Living together is a lot different from a few hours snatched here and there during wartime. )

8. The one about Carol Marcus and Jim Kirk's relationship.
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... when you go into your WIP file and read a story and go "wow, this is awesome, I want to know what happens next!" ... and can't figure out where you were planning to go from where it ends.  Or think up a new plan.

The story in question is a Criminal Minds/Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles crossover where, after ZeiraCorp gets taken out by a drone, the CM team gets called in to profile Sarah Connor and try to figure out just WTF is going on.  The fic fragment is basically the briefing where they're going over all of Sarah Connor's history and just ... baffled, because someone as delusional as she is should not be able to draw other competent, intelligent people into her delusions, and WTF is up with all these unidentified white males who keep going after her with heavy weaponry?!?  And that's all great, but what do they actually do when they get to California, and what are Sarah and Ellison doing, and ....)

Several of the WIPs I have no real memory of, and some I had forgotten about.  There's another WIP (25k of post-Superman Returns with Kara Zor-El and my take on the prompt that led to [ profile] ljs_lj writing Biopsychology) that I have no clue what's supposed to happen next with the action plot; this is less annoying, because I'm pretty sure the reason it petered out in the first place is because I never had any idea what would happen next with the action plot.  I have Lex Luthor refining Kryptonite rubble from the continent he tried to make, but I don't know what he's going to do with it.  I think I stopped writing in the hope that some nefarious plot would percolate through my brain if I put it on the back burner, and it hasn't worked.  And I love the story, and I want to know what happens next! ... and I don't.

Also, the combination of extreme cold and less-than-normal amounts of snow on the ground for this time of year has led to two water main breaks in town in the last two weeks, the first of which was only on the next block over.  My pipes keep gurgling, and I'm pretty sure it's got something to do with that.
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Title: Reflections in Moving Water
Fandoms: Criminal Minds/X-men/X-men First Class
Characters: David Rossi, Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid; Magneto, Professor Xavier, Hank "Beast" McCoy
Pairings: none
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 17,703
Spoilers: Criminal Minds Season 07 episode 8 "Hope" and all of the X-Men movies. Also, bits and pieces of information have been cherry-picked from the comics, but there shouldn't be any spoilers there.
Warnings: period-accurate (1960s) use of racial slurs.
Disclaimer Criminal MInds and X-Men belong to their respective creators
A/N: Thank you to [personal profile] perdiccas  for the beta
Written for: [personal profile] liliaeth in [ profile] xover_exchange 

Summary: When the BAU is ordered to update the profiles on the Brotherhood of Mutants, Rossi must revisit a past he doesn't talk about.

Reflections in Moving Water

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I received Quiet is the Steep Stair Under, by [ profile] minarchy .  I asked for women being awesome, and she delivered.  Doctor Who/X-Men, starring Mystique, River, and Rogue.  In the High Security Unit of the Stormcage Containment Facility, Erik Lehnsherr has a visitor.

I wrote Reflections in Moving Water for [ profile] liliaeth. At 17.7k words, it is slightly more epic than I thought it would be, but I'm happy with it.  Criminal Minds/X-men/X-men First Class starring David Rossi (and Hotch, Morgan, Reid, Magneto, Professor Xavier, and Hank "Beast" McCoy).  Gen, PG-13
Warnings: period-accurate (1960s) use of racial slurs.
A/N: Thank you to [info]perdiccas for the beta
Summary: When the BAU is ordered to update the profiles on the Brotherhood of Mutants, Rossi must revisit a past he doesn't talk about.

There are many other good stories, so if crossovers are your thing, check it out!

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Grr.  So, of course the autistic kid in tonight's episode of Criminal Minds is lower-functioning than Rain Man.  Never mind that the majority of people with autism (particularly ones who are diagnosed as children and whose parents put time, effort, and money into therapy as this kid's parents obviously have) are higher functioning than that.  I could deal with that; after all, there are definitely people that low-functioning, and it's what the whole drama of the episode is based on, that they need to figure out a way to communicate with the kid to find out who kidnapped his parents.  Then Reid is at the kid's school talking with his principal, and spouting off about how autistic kids are more logical than others--often true--and how they see patterns more clearly than other people do which is false.  The reason people with autism get obsessed with patterns is because they have a harder time figuring out patterns than most people do, and so cling to the patterns they do understand (often numbers, statistics, a daily routine, etc.) as a kind of shield against a world that they find chaotic and often incomprehensible.  For example, if you can't find the pattern in the sound of a large crowd, if your brain is trying to take each voice and sound and figure out what it's saying, then a crowd is overwhelming because you have problems tuning out what's just background noise and what's the person you're trying to talk with.  That's one of the reasons that people on the autism spectrum tend to prefer "blander" or less intense sensory stimulation (dimmer lights, quieter sounds, fewer spices, less touch, no perfume or cologne), because they can be overwhelming. 

And now, he's a genius piano player!  Which is not necessarily impossible, or even implausible--given his parents' profession, if he got obsessed with music, he might spend hours practicing while in his parents store.  But combine it with virtually non-verbal, and it plays right into the whole "idiot savant" stereotype.  (It's not that people on the spectrum are any more or less intelligent than anyone else; but people on the spectrum are more likely to get obsessed, often with a narrow specialized area, and when someone is obsessed and putting all their brainpower on one thing, well, neurotypical people sometimes find the results surprising.  It's not genius, so much as focus and a different approach.  Take Temple Grandin: she had a perspective different from neurotypical, and she had a specialty she wanted to understand and study (cattle) in ways nobody else had bothered to do before.  And she stuck with it, pounding away, until she was the greatest expert in the world on that subject.  By the way, the HBO movie Temple Grandin is an excellent movie, Claire Daines was note-perfect as a person with autism and the cinematography and special effects really take you into what the world looks like inside her head.

I like the picture flipbook stuff, though, that's well done and accurate.  The kid acting like a zombie the whole time, or a robot, is definitely not.  He wouldn't look or act like a normal kid, no, but he wouldn't be a zombie.

Also: why is it that whenever they give Emily a plot of her own, they slather it in enough melodrama to choke an elephant.  And instead of five minutes crammed onto the end of a series of episodes, like an afterthought, why not give her a few episodes to herself?

Of course, a large part of my kvetching is because Criminal Minds is usually so good, so it sticks out when it isn't.  (On the bright side, Siever is growing on me.  Of course, since the first few eps she was in she's been minor at best.  I'd like to see if they could actually show more of her now and not have her be so annoying.  I figure you gotta give her slack for how annoying she was in the first ep, the one thing Criminal Minds regularly fails at is introducing new characters.)
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Okay, I'm watching the new Criminal Minds episode.  They ... really suck at introducing new characters, don't they?  (Of course, we already knew that--see Rossi and Prentiss for previous evidence)  I'm assuming from the amount of time they're spending with Agent Siever that she's going to be at least recurring, but so far the episode is coming off like a bad fanfic.  Or a bad fanfic CM/Silence of the Lambs fusion.  So, the team is stumped, and who do they call in?  The trainee agent who's got the mysterious tragic past, of course!

Agent Siever may turn out to be awesome.  She may turn out to be a cliche.  She may turn out to be just here for the one episode.  But man, it's like they were hitting the badfic cliches.

Also, I really hope the killer isn't the guy they've been beating us over the head with as being CREEPY AND WAY TOO INTERESTED IN THE CASE.
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My [ profile] xover_exchange fic was finally posted (they're doing a couple a day to spread them out, and you guys, IT WAS SO WORTH THE WAIT.  I asked for a Criminal Minds/SG-1 crossover where the BAU is called in to deal with a serial killer on another planet, and [ profile] skieswideopen delivered in spades.  I love the way she writes Emily, the main character.  I love the plot twist.  I love the moral dilemma she raises.  My only complaint is that I wish there was more of it--this is one that could have been fleshed out to excellent effect, but you know what?  It works just fine as it is, too.  (No gory details of the crime scenes, so you shouldn't have to worry about triggers.)

Evening of the Empire

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You know how Criminal Minds is, like, always on TV?  Just now, it was on two channels at once.  One of the eps was the one where, at the end, JJ comes back and shows them Henry, and Derek goes gaga over him and the ovaries of half the women watching explode.  Now I want to have Derek Morgan kidfic.  (This is the same reaction I had the first time I saw the episode.)  But, being me, I'm not fond of kidfic of the woobie "lets throw a kid in randomly!" variety.  I like my kidfic to be well-written, with plot.  Anyway, I will probably never write CM fic for a variety of reasons, so I hereby release this plot bunny into the wild.

This plot bunny is a CM/SG-1 crossover.  In it, the Trust wants more people with the ATA gene, and so (being composed of Goa'uld, amoral businessmen and evil scientists) they decide to breed their own.  And Derek has it.  (I'm assuming that after Carson identified the gene, the US started looking for people with it, maybe doing gene screenings of government employees, which would be how the Trust finds out.)  So, they got Derek's semen by sending a female agent in to hook up with him in a bar, who went home with them and slipped out with the used condom.  Two years later, the SGC is following other leads stumble across their little breeding program--Derek not being the only one whose DNA they used--and so Major Davis makes a courtesy call to the BAU, and the team is all "why are you telling us all about this operation if you've already caught them?" and Davis turns to Derek and congrats, you're a dad! three or four times over, because of course the Trust would be using in vitro and going for multiple pregnancies as much as possible.  I'm thinking the Trust wanted to breed stronger genes by breeding two gene carriers, so they either kidnapped female gene carriers and impregnated them, or used alien tech to extract ovaries and grow the babies in artificial wombs, or maybe kidnapping female runaways/homeless women nobody would miss and impregnating them with fertilized ova.  The SGC probably cottoned on because of the assault/kidnapping of the mothers.

Anyway, I have this elaborate scenario, and no real resolution for it, which is why even if I felt like I could write CM fic, I wouldn't write this one.  But I'd love to read it!

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I loved the first episode--it's awesome.  (For those not in the know, it's a modern version that despite being modern is far closer to the original than the movie cracked out version was.  The first ep, "A Study in Pink," aired on BBC on Sunday.  I am charmed.  It was lots of fun, and I love the way the major characters--Watson, Holmes, Lestrade, and Mycroft--are being played.  His first case was tracking a serial killer, and being a CM fan, I now want a crossover between the two shows.  If nothing else, a ficlet about the team watching the show and what they think about Mr. Holmes, and whether he's any good at it.

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Meme stolen from [personal profile] ljc :
  1. The Watchmen/BSG crossover about Doctor Manhattan, going off to explore the universe and create life. All this has happened before, all this will happen again. He doesn't like being called God.
  2. The BSG AU where, when Kara jumps them using the coordinates from that song at the end of the last episode, they wind up back in time in the colonies just before the Cylon attack.
  3. The Criminal Minds/SG-1 crossover where the SGC is negotiating with a planet that doesn't really want any of the standard trade goods, but they've got a high-profile serial killer but no law enforcement types with the psychological training to catch him/her. So someone suggests that hey, maybe we should lend them a BAU team for a few weeks, catch the serial killer, and give them a start on developing their own profilers.
  4. The Stargate Goes Public story that focuses on the reactions of the US military peeps who weren't in on the program. Navy guys complaining about the Air Force having starships. Special forces guys pointing out that having four-person teams is really stupid; six is a much more tactically flexible number, and if they hadn't given the Stargate to the Chair Force maybe they'd have had fewer screwups like that. JAG lawyers trying to figure out how to fit the de facto decisions made by the SGC over the years because they face situations nobody's ever thought of before into the UCMJ. Marines being ooo-rah. Etc.
  5. The Stargate story that focuses on the diplomatic teams: how they figure out what to trade with each world, and the person who noticed that most worlds are resource-rich and manpower-poor, and that the thing most useful to most worlds is technology just a leetle more advanced than whatever they've got--still within their manufacturing capabilities, but just a little more energy efficient. Cotton gins. Spinning jennies. Better plows. Better mettalurgy. Etc. Or some worlds want sheep with better wool, or larger horses, or other agricultural things. And then having to figure out how to convince General Hammond that what they really need is for the engineers (who want to be studying Ancient or Goa'uld or Asgard technology) to figure out how to build these things and teach the locals how to make and use them. Or convince General Hammond that the SGC needs to buy Merino sheep or what have you. And then figure out how to get them through the Stargate.
  6. Babylon 5. The one about the Centauri princeling in The Lost Tales that Sheridan takes home to Minbar to keep him from turning into the monster Galen says he will.
  7. Doctor Who/Atlantis. The sequel to Survivors.
  8. BSG AU. The stories hinted at in Five AUs I Will Never Write.
  9. Batman Beyond. The one where Terry's in college, still Batman, but moonlighting with the Justice League when they really need him. And they've got a list, really heavily encrypted somewhere, of family members of JL heroes, so that they can whisk them away to a secure location if necessary, and of course Terry's mom and brother are on that list but they still don't know he's Batman, and consequently are sure someone's made a mistake when they get kidnapped to a safehouse with superhero families. The security people guarding them are all, no, you're on the list, Mrs. McGinnis.
  10. Star Trek Reboot. Away team beams down, locals don't like Spock because of his brother, and Spock's all, I don't have a brother, but what's Sybok done? And it turns out that he had forced a telepathic marriage bond on one of the women in town and raped her during his Pon Farr, and now she's pregnant, and Spock has to deal with figuring out how to help her and track down his brother to bring him to justice (which traditionally would be putting him to death, but so many Vulcans have died already, but on the other hand Vulcan doesn't have the resources to deal with a prisoner and most other Federation worlds don't have prisons designed to hold such powerful telepaths as Sybok). Also, Spock has to deal with his friends and crewmates now that part of the story about Pon Farr has come out in the worst possible way.
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Title: Strangers in Airports
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Challenge: #093—mistaken identity
Fandom: BtVS/Criminal Minds

Strangers in Airports )

Title: Crossing Timelines?
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Challenge: #093—mistaken identity
Fandom: BtVS/Torchwood

Crossing Timelines )

Title: Who watches the watchers?
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Challenge: #093—mistaken identity
Fandom: BtVS/Highlander

Who Watches the Watchers )

Title: A Visitor from Valhalla
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Challenge: #093—mistaken identity
Fandom: BtVS/Stargate: SG-1

A Visitor from Valhalla )

Title: Wrong Redhead
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Challenge: #093—mistaken identity
Fandom: BtVS/Harry Potter

Wrong Redhead )

Title: Just Another Politician
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Challenge: #093—mistaken identity
Fandom: BtVS/Star Trek Enterprise

Just Another Politician )


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