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Title: In Juno's Lands
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Author: [personal profile] beatrice_otter 
Artist: Major Cliffhanger [ profile] majcliffhanger 
Rating: kid
Length: 21,178 words
Betaed By: [personal profile] tielan  and [personal profile] princessofgeeks 
Written for: Stargate Reverse Bang 2017 ([community profile] stargate_summer  and [community profile] sos_lounge )

Daniel Jackson stands silhouetted on a ridge watching the sun set wearing desert robes.  Teal'c stands in the foreground, watching him, wearing Jaffa armor.  A large planet hangs overhead.

Daniel and Teal'c crash on a planet with no Stargate, and no way of surviving without depending on the Goa'uld-worshipping locals.

At AO3 and tumblr

It was a landing only by courtesy, and also because of Jack who insisted that  )

Author's Notes: much grumbling about languages, names, and history )
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Just got my art from my [community profile] wipbigbang artist!  How exciting!  It's definitely inspiration to keep me chugging along on the story.  (There are only a couple of scenes left to write, and THEN I've got to go back and edit some key plot changes in--I Got A Better Idea 2/3 of the way through--and then off to the beta it goes, and then .... well, it feels kind of disjointed and thematically incoherent to me, but my stories often do at this point in the creative process, and then betas tell me it's fine, so I FEEL like any competent beta would tell me to rewrite half of it, but the rational part of my brain knows that's not necessarily true.

By the way, they are STILL LOOKING FOR ARTISTS for the [community profile] wipbigbang! It's a multi-fandom challenge, and they've still got several unclaimed fic: Chronicles of Narnia, Code Black, Highlander/Forever, two Once Upon a Time fics, Saints Row, a Sherlock/St. Trinians crossover, a Stargate Atlantis fic.
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There is a Star Wars Big Bang! [ profile] star_wars_bb!  With fics due September 18th, giving me all summer to write!  It's the perfect excuse to focus on my Revenge of the Sith AU where Anakin and Padme get therapy.  (So much therapy ...)
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I'm writing a story for [ profile] oc_bigbang, and that means I get art made for me.  Yay!  And it looks like I'll get the rough draft done on time, even bigger yay!  When I signed up, they asked if I had a particular actress in mind for my OC, Tora Manar.

Well.  That's a problem for me.  I have face blindness; recognizing faces is difficult for me, and so visual cues aren't at all what I write from.  I mean, even when I'm writing characters from a TV show or movie where they already have actors that I have seen many times I don't really picture them at all when I'm writing (or reading) fic.  But, you know, I thought I'd try, which has led me to a frustrating half-hour with Google Image search.  I don't want Manar to be supermodel-gorgeous; just kind of normal-looking is fine with me.  Because she is a kind of Bajoran-girl-next-door who survived the Occupation and the camps and wants to rebuild Bajor and make a better life for herself and her family.  Fairly ordinary, glass-half-full type.  One of my inspirations, back when I thought this was a romance instead of a gen story, was Lalita from Bride and Prejudice, played by Aishwarya Rai.  Now that I know it's a gen story, Lalita's refusal to accept patronization from the privileged people is still a contributor to Manar, although Manar is much less likely to point it out unless it's really big.  She's trying for a career as a Starfleet officer, she's trying to blend in and get accepted and so she's got a lot more incentive to bite her tongue.  But, you know, Aishwarya definitely has supermodel good looks that I don't want Manar to have.  But that got me started with Bollywood actresses (and also, it annoyed me that while we occasionally saw Bajorans of color in the background, I can't think of a single ep that had one with an actual speaking role), and from there several other searches, and here's what I've found.

Vega Tamotia seems to have a good face; pretty enough, but not hubba-hubba.  But her skin is a bit lighter than I described Manar's skin as being.
Karthika Nair is a bit closer, but I'm not quite sure about for some reason--maybe it's her expression in most of those pictures, she looks a bit too cynical or something.  This is Star Trek after all, and so Manar has a bit of that optimistic/Pollyannaish quality that infuses most of the Star Trek universe.
Rula Jebreal is wonderful, but a tiny bit too close to the too-gorgeous, and also possibly slightly darker than I described Manar.

Now, I've never seen any of these women act (nor read Rula's books nor seen her TV show), so this is going strictly off of pictures.  What do you guys think?  Any suggestions?

(The other main character is a Vulcan male, in that indeterminate middle age Vulcans have where they look thirty and could be anywhere from 30 to 100 years old.  He may be distantly related to Spock and to Ambassador Soval from Enterprise, with whom he shares a name.  I don't really care about what he looks like; there are thousands of white actors in the right age range to choose from, and there are probably quite a few who could do appropriate Vulcan dignity.  Besides, it's not Soval's story, it's Manar's.  He's got his own internal life, but we only ever really see glimpses of it.)

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Total Words Written: 5k
Percent of minimum wordcount: 1/8
Time left: 3.5 months

Favorite bit so far: Marshall stared at her, feeling gut-punched. “Those are my men out there risking their lives, Elizabeth.” His voice grated out, low and harsh. “Mine. I picked them for this mission, each and every one of them. I trained them. I planned the tactics, I chose which one to use. I ordered them into the field. You’ve been—” he forced himself not to say off playing happy families—“overseeing the whole Expedition and establishing diplomatic ties. You don’t even know all of their names. So don’t you dare think I don’t care what happens to them.” He held her gaze until her eyes dropped.

Progress made on non-[ profile] sgabigbang writing projects (i.e. Multiverse, fic prompts, and my ongoing SR fic): none this week.
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Anybody got a floor plan to Weir's office? I don't have my DVDs handy, and considering how much time she spends there it's kind of important. And how far is the Jumper bay from the control room?
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Panic over [ profile] sgabigbang has been soothed away by the realization that the completed fic isn't due for four months, which means it only requires an average of 340 words per day to achieve the 40k words total. (This assumes the length of the piece will be around 40k words and that it won't balloon out to be something bigger--it's been so long since I've tried something this long that I don't have a good idea how many words my idea will take up.)

Currently at 2k words and counting.


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