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Having spent way too much time yesterday and today reading Remix fics instead of doing my homework, here are my favorites:

Trigger Finger (The Eleven O'Clock Remix). Daniel has an unexpected brush with danger, and his team members find out. Also check out the original, Trigger Finger by Kathryn Andersen. It's not quite a ninja!Daniel fic, but it's good.

We Swim Here One Stroke at a Time (The Post Hoc Remix). Rodney re-acclimates to Earth, or doesn't.

The Pledge and the Turn (The Paramnesia Remix). It takes a special kind of magician to make the extraordinary ordinary. Lorne and McKay and AAR's.

Dragon Heart. Buffy and Giles go searching for a weapon, and have a heart to heart.

What a Father Is (the DNA Remix). "I realize you’ve a dearth of male role models in your life, but a father is more than just an older man who happens to be around or who just happened to supply half your DNA." What the monks didn't say about Dawn.

Star Trek:
Power Corrupts (The Absolute Absolution Remix). It's the trial of the aeon. The Q Continuum vs. Kes, for the destruction of the Borg.

Legacy (The Spy Who Loved Me Remix). The most important asset to sovereignty is intelligence.

And a Doctor Who fic series that I found through its remix: Cheer Up, Emo Time Moppet. Life through the eyes of the Doctor and Romana's teenage daughter.

Go, read, and feed the authors!
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Okay, I signed up to pinch-hit for [ profile] john_teyla_fic; that ficathon was due November 21st, and there were still two people waiting for fic. By coincidence, one of them was [ profile] jeyla4ever, for whom I wrote Adrift for the [ profile] sg_rarepairings ficathon. Anyway, I liked her Mensa AU prompt, and took it, and wrote it. And realized that it was more about McKay than Sheppard and Teyla. And while Adrift is a good story, it's not quite what she'd asked for, either.


Since my internet was down and I couldn't post it then anyway, I wrote a story for one of her other prompts, and this one is definitely J/T. By the time it was ready to post, my internet was back up. (Yay!) And then I realized that I had forgotten to actually join [ profile] john_teyla_fic, didn't have the link anywhere, and didn't even remember how I heard they needed backup writers in the first place.


But, well, here they are at last. (Sorry for they wait, [ profile] jeyla4ever!)


by [ profile] beatrice_otter

Rating: PG
Category: Angst
Word Count: 1,823
Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me and I am making no money off it
Spoilers: none
Prompt: Angst/Romance: John and Teyla are stranded, Teyla's injuries severe and
dying if she doesn't get medical attention soon; admits his love for her...
Summary: A mission gone wrong.
Arrows )


by [ profile] beatrice_otter

Rating: PG
Category: character piece
Word Count: 1,327
Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me and I am making no money off it
Spoilers: McKay and Mrs. Miller
Prompt: Romance/Comical: Mensa John and Quiet Teyla, perhaps through Rod's POV. How it started, where they are at in their relationship. What you don't want: Non-consensual sex, character death.
Summary: What he didn't notice at the time.
Smooth )
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I just realized that while I posted my [ profile] ucp_ficathon fic in the community, I didn't link to it for my own page. Whoops. So, here it is.

Title: What She Wants
Author: [ profile] beatrice_otter
Crossover: SG:A/B:tVS
Rating: hard PG-13
Pairing: Faith/Rodney
Written for: [ profile] amara_m in [ profile] ucp_ficathon
Prompts: Faith gets what she wants, and she wants McKay
Category preferred: Het, big time
I don't want: lack of snarkiness

Thanks to Shalott ([ profile] astolat) for permission to use the KGB agent.

What She Wants


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