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A listing of all my fic. My personal favorites are marked with asterisks.  My fic can also be found at An Archive Of Our Own.

     A Minor Government Flunky.  Avengers/Doctor Who.  Phil Coulson is perfectly happy with his job in the Army.
*    A Change In The Wind.  Doctor Who/Mary Poppins.  Why does Mary Poppins have a bag that's bigger on the inside?  Why, because she's a Time Lady, of course!
     Reflections in Moving Water.  Criminal Minds/XMen.  When the BAU is ordered to update the profiles of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Rossi must revisit a past he doesn't talk about.
*    Lieutenant Bennet's Visit.  Temeraire/Pride and Prejudice.  Elizabeth's reality is far different than her sisters.  Sequel: Mr Darcy's Surprise.
     To Serve And Protect.  Buffy/SG-1.  When two secret organizations intersect, the results aren’t always pleasant. Both the IWC and the SGC protect Earth, but in very different ways.
     This Is the Morning.  Buffy/Narnia.  “I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here.”  (Post Season 5 and The Last Battle.
     Unreal Things.  BSG/SG-1.  Daniel knew what his mother looked like. He’d seen her in pictures. He saw her die. But he didn’t see her in his dreams.
     No Place Like Home DC/Star Trek. Kal-El, Amanda Rogers—Stop me if you've heard this before: an alien child with superpowers turns up in Kansas as an orphan, and is raised by humans until learning of their true nature as an adolescent...
     Great Minds. DC/Torchwood. There's a problem on Watchtower that will take both Barbara Gordon and Toshiko Sato to solve.
     Survivors. Doctor Who/Atlantis. The Doctor doesn't know why he's here, but he knows it's not just an ordinary stop.
     Through the Rift. BtVS/Torchwood. Buffy's Swan-Dive into the Portal in 'The Gift' spits her out into the rift in Cardiff and she's picked up by the Torchwood team.
*   A World of Difference. Doctor Who/BtVS. In the year that never was, Martha gets help from an old hand at apocalypses. Spoilers for The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords.
*   Parallels. Babylon 5/Star Trek: Deep Space 9. "Surely you've heard enough stories of glorious triumphs to recognize the pattern. And to know of the horrors you don't see on the surface." Vir on Minbar, before Sic Transit Vir.
     An Apocalypse in Metropolis. BtVS/Superman Returns. Faith, Andrew, and a newbie Slayer get sent to Metropolis when the Council's seers predict an apocalypse.
     White House Slayer. BtVS/West Wing. "Chosen" has repurcussions for Donnatella Moss.
     What She Wants. BtVS/Atlantis. Faith gets what she wants, and she wants McKay.
     Witching Hour (the Oops Remix). A find-your-soulmate spell goes wrong (just prior to Lover's Walk, during the whole "clothes fluke" thing).
     Reboot: the Chase. Star Trek: the Next Generation/Stargate: Atlantis. Sequel: Reboot (Legacy).
*   Gunn in Gotham. (Drabble series) Angel/Batman: The Dark Knight.
     A Superhero Team.  (Drabble) BtVS/Justice League
     All This Has Happened Before. (Double drabble) BtVS/Battlestar Galactica.
     Duty.  (Drabble) BtVS/Henry V
     Playtime with Sweetums (Drabble) BtVS/The Muppet Show
     Strangers in Airports.  (Drabble) BtVS/Criminal Minds
     Crossing Timelines.  (Drabble) BtVS/Torchwood.
     Who Watches the Watchers?  (Drabble) BtVS/Highlander.
     A Visitor from Valhalla.  (Drabble) BtVS/SG-1.
     Wrong Redhead.  (Drabble) BtVS/Harry Potter.
*    Just Another Politician.  (Drabble) BtVS/Star Trek: Enterprise.
. (Drabble) BtVS/SG-1.
     Fiction. (Drabble) BtVS/SG-1.
     Old Friends. (Drabble) Angel/Torchwood.
     What Happens Next. (Drabble) BtVS/Discworld.
     Things Forgotten. (Drabble) BtVS/B5
     What Are You?(Drabble) BtVS/T:SCC
     Rescued! (Drabble) BtVS/Atlantis
     My First Alien. (Drabble) BtVS/Enterprise
     The One Who Sees. (Drabble) BtVS/Dead Like Me
     Power. (Drabble) BtVS/DC Comics--Green Lantern
     In Costume. (Drabble) BtVS/DC Comics--Wonder Girl
     In the Nick of Time. (Drabble) BtVS/Doctor Who
     At the Lake. (Drabble) BtVS/SG-1
     No Place Like Home. (Drabble) Angel/Tin Man.
     Belief. (Drabble) BtVS/Superman Returns.
     They Say. (Drabble) BtVS/B5.
     On Our Own Terms. (Drabble) Angel/T:SCC.
     A Problem Like Maria. (Drabble) BtVS/The Sound of Music.  Sequels: Georg's SurpriseFreedomPotential Problems
     Back in Atlantis. (Drabble) BtVS/Atlantis.
     Voices in the Dark: Earth. (Drabble) BtVS/Babylon 5.
     Reflexes. (Drabble) BtVS/Atlantis.
     Stranded. (Drabble) BtVS/HP.
     1969. (Drabble) BtVS/SG-1.
     A Quick Snatch and Grab. (Drabble) BtVS/Atlantis.

Stargate: SG-1:
     In Juno's Lands.  Daniel and Teal'c crash on a planet with no Stargate, and no way of surviving without depending on the Goa'uld-worshipping locals.
     Remember That You Are.  Teal'c, General Hammond, and Ash Wednesday.
     No Immediate Danger.  Damsel in distress role-reversal.
     E is for Elegance.  Written for the Bra'tac Alphabet Soup.
     The First Rule of Archaeology (The Missed Chances Remix).  Nine years after Daniel leaves the SGC, the Stargate goes public.
     A Collection of E-mails from the SGC Archives (The Wanky Wormhole Remix).  When highly intelligent and dedicated people get bored, things happen.  How Jack and Vala ended up on Fandom Wank.
     X is for Xenophobia.  Little Jake Carter knew all about people who Weren’t Like Us.
     Just Like Old Times. Teal'c and Daniel, on an adventure.
     One of These Afternoons. How many times have I told you that the point of vacation is ... to relax. Have fun. Not work.
      Cages. I look back at who I was then, and it seems like I was a completely different person, Doctor Sarah Gardner. I don't remember how to be her. Will I ever?
*    Determination. Scenes from an AU in which Daniel is taken by Apophis and Sha're comes to Earth to fight for her husband and brother.
*    Thine Own Self (the Lady, Be Good Remix). Sam's always a good girl. Except when she isn't.
      The Grass is Always Greener (the Known Temptations Remix). No alternate reality is perfect. No matter what it looks like on the outside.
*    The Weight of Non-Existent Years. The day before Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter leaves for her new post in the Pegasus galaxy, Teal'c comes to her and asks if she will spar with him.
      Settling In. What was it like for Jacob, in the early days?
      Do Not a Prison Make. Her mind had been a trap for too long. Sarah, after Osiris. Cages is the sequel.
      In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening (the Neighbors Remix). What Jack fights for. Post-season 8.
*    Pale Battalions. Teal'c goes home after a glorious battle in Apophis' name.
      Consequences. Broca AU. It's sequel is New Lives.
      Blood Will Tell. Drabble. Adria and Vala Mal Doran.

Star Wars:
     Vast Beyond Knowing (The Details Remix).  Anakin, Luke, Rey. The desert taught them much. But not everything.
     What Once Was Lost.  Neither Rey nor Finn ever knew their family.  Sometimes the Force moves in mysterious ways.
     Past Lives.  This was the weirdest thing that had ever happened to Finn, and that was saying something.
     Heroes and History.  Obi-Wan escaped the Death Star. The morning before the medal ceremony, Leia comes to find him.
     What You are (the Certain Point of View Remix).  Three people look up to the stars at night.
     A Fugitive And A Wanderer. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Tattooine. I shall be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth, and anyone who meets me may kill me.
     What I'm Afraid Of. An hour in the life of Owen Lars.
     Ghosts in the Dark. Han and Luke, prisoners together in Jabba's dungeon. Vader's torture was very thorough. AU.
     Friends and Enemies. It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend. Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
     From That Eternal Silence. Tho' much is taken, much abides. Luke learns more of his Jedi forbears.
     Resonance Vader and Leia, on Bespin.
     Lessons Learned. Anakin and Obi-Wan. Third birthdays, in the temple creche and a slave ship.

Stargate: Atlantis:
     A Child of Athos.  These are the stories Teyla tells her son.
     In A Strange Land. "I had not understood what a world could be like that did not face culling." Post-Enemy At the Gates.
      Arrows. A mission gone wrong. John/Teyla.
      Smooth. Mensa-verse AU. What Rod didn't notice at the time.
*     Adrift. Misbegotten missing scene. To fly a Wraith hive ship, you must be a Wraith.
      Scribbles. What Kaleb Miller thinks about his wife's math and the events of McKay and Mrs. Miller. Note that Jeannie is the one who calls it 'scribbles.'

Babylon 5:
     Finding the Words (the stranger in a strange land remix).  Catherine Sakai/Jeff Sinclair.  To fight with the Minbari, you have to speak their language.
     In Valen's Name.  Years after she retires, a young Minbari seeks out Delenn for advice, and a favor.
*    The Price of a Favor.  All Timov wants to do is live quietly. With Cartagia on the throne, that may not be an option.
     The Gardener. Kosh's view of "Midnight on the Firing Line".
     The Beginning of the End. Conversations between G'Kar and Londo on the journey from Babylon 5 to Centauri Prime. Spoilers for "Strange Relations".
     The End of All Things. G'Kar and Londo, on Centauri Prime.
     Faith in Three Movements. Lennier, Marcus Cole, Ivanova: faith
     Eat, Drink, and Be Merry. G'Kar on Earth, during the Earth-Minbari war.
     Primum Non Nocere. Doctor Stephen Franklin, fighting shadows. First, do no harm.

Battlestar Galactica:
     All the Difference (The Brave New World Remix).  All this has happened before.  What if it doesn't have to happen again?
     Four Times Laura Roslin Regretted Banning Abortion, and One Time She Didn't.
*   Family Matters (The Things Inside Remix).  Dee is on Pegasus, finding her place.  A Six is on New Caprica, learning what she doesn't know.  Lee Adama is a Cylon prisoner, but this is not his story.  A New Caprica AU.
     Walk the Earth Unseen.  Head!Six keeps watch over Gaius. And debates.
     Measure of a Man (the Thoughts and Actions Remix). Human or Cylon, we all make choices. Then we have to live with them.
*    Orphaned Days.  The Final Five weren't the only ones Cavil exiled to the Colonies.
     Five AUs I will never write.  Adama as a Cylon, Dee and Billy on New Caprica, another prisoner rescued in the Resurrection Ship raid, the Rebel Cylons being smart, and Cally didn't kill Boomer.
     Some Way Out. Boomer and Cavil. If all this has happened before and will happen again, what does that say about God?
     Five Things That Didn't Surprise Sam About Being A Cylon.
     Five Things Caprica Six Never Did.
     Solitary. D'anna Biers, alone.
     Absolution. A year after they settle on Earth, Sharon Valerii asks to see Admiral Adama. Spoilers for Crossroads II, will be jossed as soon as the next season starts.
     Four Times Saul Tigh needed a drink (and one time he didn't).Spoilers for Crossroads Part II
     Alone in the Silence. Post-Resurrection Ship 2. Lee Adama is a Cylon.

Batman Begins/The Dark Knight:
     In Spite Of All Terror.  Most of the details of the worst night of Barbara Gordon's life faded into a surreal blur of darkness and noise, given time.  Three things, however, remained absolutely clear.
     Controlled Settings. The Joker, in Arkham.
     Legacy. After the funeral of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Alfred and Lucius have a quiet talk.
     A Night at the Manor. Black-tie parties aren't really Jim Gordon's thing.
Batman Beyond:
     Learning Curve.  Dana knows who she is. What she doesn't know is who she's going to be.
     Not Hero Worship. Barbara Gordon and Max Gibson, legacy.
     A New Normal.  Jason needs medical help.  The Fortress can give it.  Lois, Clark, and Richard talk.
     A Family Story.  Jason's three parents have a lot to learn about one another.
     Self-Knowledge.  Kara's questions make Clark realized that some of his assumptions about Kryptonians are wrong.
     Both Alike In Dignity.  Lara knows what she wants in life, and how to achieve it.
*   The Perfect Shot. The difference between an amateur and a professional has never been the equipment, it's the consistency.

Wonder Woman:
     Hello, Piccadilly, Hello, Leicester Square.  Diana can't go back to Themiscyra. She can only go forward into a new world and a new life.

     Stories We Tell Ourselves.  Weaver returns after Born To Run, with an offer for Sarah.
     Pescadero.  Sarah Connor, before and after.
     Summer Experience.  After “Born To Run,” John Connor finds his way back to his own time and prevents Judgment Day. What’s life like for Kyle Reese in a world where the apocalypse never happened?
*    Eudaimonia.  We are not studying in order to know what virtue is, but to become good, for otherwise there would be no profit in it.—Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics 2.2.
     Danse Macabre.  Kate Brewster, in the future at the end of the series.
     Priorities. Cameron, at the end of Born to Run. Survival has never been her primary mission.
     the end of the world as we know it. Post-Terminator 3. Their first night in the bunker, having to learn about each other.

     Looking In.  They are all children of Earth.
     Hard to Swallow (The Percolation Remix).  Ianto Jones. Tea, coffee, and the transition from London to Cardiff. 
     Knocking at the Door (the Things Unspoken Remix).  In the years between the Game Station and the end of the universe, Jack Harkness has a lot more time to think than he really wants.

Buffy: the Vampire Slayer:
      First Dream (The Readiness Remix).  A Potential shouldn't dream a Slayer dream.  But these are not ordinary times.  The First is coming.
      State of Being. Buffy knows about Dawn, now. What happens next?
*    What a Father Is (the DNA Remix). "I realize you’ve a dearth of male role models in your life, but a father is more than just an older man who happens to be around or who just happened to supply half your DNA." What the monks didn't tell about Dawn.
      In Another Life. Drabble. Kendra: nerd love

Star Trek:
Deep Space Nine:
     People Person.  All things considered, Leeta likes her life.
*    A Space for Faith.  Tora Manar grew up in the camps, during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor.  She loves her home, but she's ready to see the galaxy.  Now, Bajoran separatists threaten her Starfleet career before it even starts.
*    In Due Season.  "At the set time I will return, in due season, and Sarah shall have a son.  Genesis 18:14.  The Sarah Prophet and motherhood.
     Tashlich.  Worf has always clung to tradition as his anchor.
     what you know.  Kasidy Yates, finding out about Sarah Sisko and the Sarah Prophet.
     Ornament.  Kira Nerys, in the camps and in the resistance.
     The Thirty-Fourth Rule.  Quark and Odo, war.
Star Trek: The Next Generation:
     A Daughter of the Fifth House.  I may not have gone where I intended to, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be--Douglas Adams
     Hope of Thee (the Zombie Remix).  Don't worry, mother.  You'll never be alone.  I'll make sure of it.
     Processing.  Sometimes having a thing is not so pleasing as wanting. Data, after Descent.
Star Trek: The Original Series
     The Mountain Rose Before Me.  The fal-tor-pan is an ancient and dangerous rite, not used for centuries.  It is not done lightly.  High Priestess T'Lar considers.
     Things Not Forgotten.  Sometimes even Spock breaks Starfleet's rules on classification.  This is one of them.
     A Marriage of True Minds.  A day in the life of Sarek and Amanda, on Vulcan.
     All the Difference.  “We like to think we’re so much better than our ancestors, that we’ve got all these problems of bigotry and intolerance licked, and we go out into space to spread our enlightened ways, and end up making the same mistakes.”
Star Trek: Reboot
Five Things that Surprise Spock about the New Timeline.
*    The Desert Between.  “All Vulcans are constrained. By our biology, by our clans, by our whole society. But women more so than men, and offworlder women married to Vulcan men most of all.” Nyota loves Spock. But she can’t have him without taking Vulcan culture, too.
     Those Left Behind.  Both Sarek and Admiral Pike have lost a great deal.  Life goes on.  So does grief.
     Out of the Depths.  Though much is taken, some things remain.  The Pandora Principle, Spock Prime & Saavik.  Spock!Prime goes to rescue everyone a decade or so early.
     The Princess in the Tower.  Princess Nadezhda's civil war.
     The Offer.  Fedosia Vorkosigan has spent the last decade administrating her father's district in relative obscurity. She liked it. The Emperor's proposition, on the other hand … (AU where Aral didn't survive Mad Yuri's massacre, but his sister did.)
     By the Seashore.  There are times when having a perceptive lover is inconvenient.  But Simon wouldn't have Alys any other way.
     The Times, They Are A-Changin'.  Life for the Armsmen's Wives.
     Herstory.  Before being deployed for the Escobar-Barrayar War, Captain Cordelia Naismith goes to have a talk with Aral Vorkosigan's estranged ex-wife.
     Family Values.  How does one make polite conversation with someone one's father tortured, physically, mentally, and emotionally, their entire childhood and adolescence?
     True Colors.  Mad Yuri's Civil War takes an unexpected turn.

World of the Five Gods/Chalionverse
     On the Nature of Miracles.  Even the Mother's miracles of healing have limits.
     Separate Callings. Iselle doesn't really understand her mother anymore. Perhaps she never did.

     Gonturan's Story.  Gonturan was no ordinary sword.
     The Hero's Road.  She had put the Meeldtar's gift aside these many years, but it would not be denied forever.

Agent Carter:
     A Purpose-Driven Life. Dottie escapes the Red Room as a child. Everything goes differently from there.
     In the Apartment After the War.  When Jarvis showed them in to the swank "apartment" he's letting them use on Howard Stark's dime, Angie was incredulous. Awestruck. But not so incredulous that she lost sight of the important things.
     hey good looking, what's cooking.  Dottie Undewood has been spotted.  Now they just have to find her.
     Rose in the Spring.  Rose Roberts, between seasons 1 and 2.

Fantasia (1940)
     The Music of the Spheres.  This is the music that underscores all.
Beauty and the Beast (1991)
     From Castle to Palace.  The curse is broken.  Belle and her Beast would be happy to live quietly together in a curse-free castle.  Unfortunately, the rest of France has other ideas ...

NASA Journey to Mars Posters (2009)
     Hand in Glove.  This, Javier thought in disgust as he stared up at the tower he was supposed to fix, was not exactly the heroic and exciting thing he had imagined when he had seen the NASA recruiting posters and, on a whim, submitted an application.

Teen Wolf:
     Risk/Reward.  The One About Werewolf Insurance.

Pacific Rim:
     All the Colors of the Rainbow.  The first thing that Newt noticed about Hermann was that he was a neat freak.

Outlaws of Sherwood:
     When We Were Young.  Marian has friends in the manor, in the village, and in the forest.  She can balance them all.

Enchanted Forrest Chronicles:
     In Which Daystar Learns Magic and Asks A Question.  A little vignette set immediately post-Talking To Dragons

Starfire Series:
     A Day in The Woods.  Zharnaak'telmasa and Raymond Prescott take advantage of a lull in the war for two days of vacation.  If only things went according to plan ... 

A Chorus Line:
     The Beat Goes On.  Diana got the job, Paul got injured.

Disney Princesses:
     A League of Their Own.  Just Another day a the castle for the Princess Superheroines.

Rio Bravo:
     My Three Good Companions.  Fifteen years after the standoff with Burdette's men, Colorado comes back through town.

Big Fish:
*    The Storyteller. The biggest fish in the river gets that way by not getting caught.

*    To the Lord I Will Sing.  Deborah and Miriam: singing the word of the Lord in times of trial.
      Understanding Miriam does not understand her brothers, either of them.

Honor Harrington:
      A Picture of Happiness. Honor and Paul visit home. Missing scene from Field of Dishonor.

Pride and Prejudice:
     A Comfortable Life. Charlotte appreciates a handsome man, just not in the same way other girls do.

This work is all based on works of fiction that belong to people other than myself. No profit is being made and no infringement is intended. The characters and universes belong to other people; the plots and themes are as old as storytelling, as old as humankind; only the specific arrangements of characters, universes, plots, and themes contained in the stories linked here belong to me. Creative Commons License
This work by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You may alter, adapt, remix, re-vision, perform, reproduce, or transform any of my work in any way, shape, or form, as long as you include a reference to and let me know so that I can enjoy it, too.

Once something's done and posted, any kind of discussion, commentary, critique, dissection, etc is welcome, whether it be here, elsewhere, what-have-you. Need an example for the meta point you're making? Feel free to pick something I wrote to little pieces, and I mean that in both the literary-dissection sense or in the more typically-used send of the word, namely, the pointing-out of what didn't work for you in the story.

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Every time I see your list of fandoms, I see "Big Fish, the Bible and Honor Harrington" and I think "Now THERE'S a great story title!" Maybe something Nimitz is telling the rest of the clan at story-time.

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Date: 2010-05-10 11:10 pm (UTC)
valiha: watercolor painting of my cat Lola (Default)
From: [personal profile] valiha
Oh my God, I can't believe you've written a Rio Bravo fic! My dad and I adore that movie. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Dear Beatrice, many thanks for sending me a code to join Dreamwidth! What a pain it was to struggle with Livejournal lately. What a shame. I hate to see thing in this state of disrepair there(((


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