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I bought a vid at the Vividcon Auction, from the lovely and talented [personal profile] grammarwoman! My music tastes are eclectic and nonstandard (basically, everything BUT modern popular pop/rock and modern country--it's not that I don't like them, it's that it all tends to blend together and sound the same), and I don't vid, which means there are a lot of songs that I think would make AWESOME fanvids that I know nobody will ever make, sigh.  (Okay, some of them might get made.  I'm actually surprised that nobody's done a Spock vid to The Logical Song by Supertramp, or a Goa'uld vid to Jeepers Creepers by Louis Armstrong.  Others ... I might think a werewolf vid to the old Big Band classic "Moonlight Becomes You So" would be hilarious, but I doubt anybody else would think it was funny enough to spend the time and effort to make, particularly given that it's a slow song and most vids are done to upbeat/fast songs.)

Anyway, I have a number vid ideas that will never get made if I don't pay someone else to do it, and so I'm always on the lookout for vid auctions featuring vidders offering those sources that I think would do a creditable job with the idea.  Which is how I bidded on (and ended up winning) [personal profile] grammarwoman's services to make a Star Wars fanvid to that old American Civil War hit, "That's What's the Matter."  And she did a really great job, and the vid is SO FUNNY.  You have to go see.

Title: That's What's the Matter
Source: Star Wars movies (Rogue One, Episodes IV-VII)
Music: "That's What's the Matter", Stephen Foster
Vid Download Link: 183 MB m4v file at Sendspace (If you'd like it in a different format, let me know.)

AO3 link.
DW link.

Summary: The Empire would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for those meddling Rebels and incompetent Imperial officers.
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You can find the whole list of vids on DW or the website.  Here are my faves.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
Behind Blue Eyes.  HAL just wants to be loved.  Creeeeeeepy.

Annie (2014)
Kids in America.   It's a hard-knock life.

Attack the Block
Invincible.  'When they come to destroy the Earth, they'll have to go through you first.'  I've already watched this one several times.

Carrie Fisher RPF
A Better Son/Daughter.  You'll be honest, you'll be brave.  WOW.  This one REALLY packs a punch.

Dark City (1998)
Sunny Days (Theme to "Sesame Street").  Can anyone tell me how to get to Shell Beach?  Really creepy and effective mismatch of song and movie.

A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery
Easy on the Eyes.  Lord Peter is fascinated by many things about Harriet Vane.

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot
Pick Yourself Up.  Getting the band (of Doctors) back together.

Luke Cage
Battle Cry.  Misty, Claire, Luke: Truth, Healing, Freedom.  PERFECT character vid.

A New Day.  The highs and lows of Mariah Dillard

Jack the Giant Killer.  The world is big, she's little, but that doesn't mean there's nothing she can do about it.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (BBC, 2016)
Never Look Away. I want the storm inside you awoken now.  BTW, anyone know how to get ahold of the source for this one?  It looks really cool!

Pitch/Baseball history
Anything Goes.  America's national pastime, from Jackie to Ginny.

The Greatest.  The three most important words are, "Endure, endure, endure."

Rivers of London
An Introduction.  The adventures of Police Constable (/apprentice wizard) Peter Grant.  I spent the entire time watching this vid going "this all fits together too well to be a fan thing, there HAS to have been a RoL miniseries or something that I missed, right? Right?"  But no, this vidder is just that good.

Objectified.  I want to be objectified.
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This is an AMAZING Carrie Fisher vid that was made for Festivids.  You have to watch it, and then go watch the rest of them.

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[community profile] festivids vidders have been revealed!  [community profile] festivids is the vidding equivalent to [ profile] yuletide, a small-fandoms exchange for vidders.  As always, there are some EXCELLENT vids this year.  I only really watched the ones in fandoms I knew, so you should go through and check them all out.

Say Her Name by [ profile] absternr .  It's a Black Lives Matter vid that's long but has a strong impact, on an important and current topic.
Fandom: RPF - Black Lives Matter
Music: Hell You Talmbout (Say Their Names) by Janelle Monáe and Wondaland Records
Summary: A tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement.
References to murder and police brutality.
Length: 5:15

Under Pressure by [personal profile] violace.
  Perfect marriage of song and clips--delightful.
Title: Under Pressure
Source: The Martian, with quotes from the book by Andy Weir
Music: Under Pressure by Queen & David Bowie
Length: 3:45
Summary: "Every human being has a basic instinct to help each other out. This is so fundamentally human that it's found in every culture without exception."

Other great vids:
Fire Starter by [personal profile] violace.
Fandom: Supergirl (2015)
Music: Fire Starter by Demi Lovato
Length: 3:22
Summary: She's about to take her aim.

Commander Badass by [personal profile] niyalune .
Fandom: The Martian
Music: Thank You for the Music (instrumental) by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Summary: A small tribute to the badass, disco-loving commander of the Ares III mission.

Galaxyrise by [personal profile] starlady.
source: Apollo 13, Contact, Europa Report, Gravity, Interstellar, The Martian
audio: Symphony of Science, "Glorious Dawn (Cosmos Remix)" 
length: 3:38
summary: The sky calls to us/If we do not destroy ourselves/We will one day venture to the stars

Jefferson Funk by [personal profile] heresluck.
source: Hamilton
music: Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars, "Uptown Funk"
summary: Hot damn!

Dance Apocalyptic by [ profile] absternr .
Fandom: Hamilton
Music: Dance Apocalyptic By Janelle Monae
Summary: If the world says it's time to go, tell me will you freak out?
Length: 1:59

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This is an AWESOME metacommentary on the MCU, set to Regina Spektor' Us.  Go watch it, now!

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Music: Us by Regina Spektor
Length: 04:53
Content notes: blood, medical equipment

Spoilers for: Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Agent Carter; Agents of SHIELD (Season one)

Summary: Steve Rogers has a complicated relationship with the legacy of Captain America
Alternative Summary: It is Supersoldiers all the way down.

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I won [ profile] noiproksa in the Sandy fandom charity auction, and she made me a Once Upon A Time vid.  I asked for either "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" or "More I Cannot Wish You", and she chose "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You."  It's awesome, you should go check it out!

Song: You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You (Dean Martin)
Genre: gen, family, friendship
Characters: multi-character vid (Snow, Charming, Emma, Henry, Regina, Rumpel, Bae, Geppetto, Pinocchio, Red, Granny, Jefferson, Grace, Hansel, Gretel and their father… and probably some more)
Clips: used through 2x08
Length: 2:12
Summary: Family always finds one another.

Notes: This was made for the Sandy Fandom Charity Auction for beatrice_otter. (I had so much fun vidding OUAT, thanks for the opportunity!)
So many great family situations in this show and this is what this vid is all about. Sons, daughters, siblings, grandparents, fathers, mothers, biological or adoptive or otherwise … it's all there in the mix.


Now I just have to find somebody to do More I Cannot Wish You ...

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Okay, this is hysterical.

Is there a copy available for DL anywhere?  My internet connection is not great, and also I like watching videos again and again, so I much prefer to save a copy to my hard drive.  (I don't have a youtube account, so I can't ask the vidder directly.
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Okay, It's been a while since I've done a vid rec post.  I'm just finishing up driving the DW van on [ profile] crack_van and trying to pick what vid to rec and it's really hard because there have been some awesome Doctor Who vids posted recently.  I've settled on Movin' Right Along, an awesome and fun multi-Doctor vid set to a Muppets song (it's awesome).  I would have recced What About Everything or Handlebars, being (IMO) the two best Doctor Who vids ever, but they've already been recced.

But what about all the other awesome vids out there?  Here are some of my faves.

Recent vids:

Brand New Day by [ profile] humansrsuperior.  New Doctor, new TARDIS, new sonic screwdriver, new companion... A fresh start, the dawn of a new day, and of a new era.  The first four episodes of season 4 set to music.  It's fun, the clips are synched to the music, and it really captures the feel of the Doctor and Amy romping through the universe.

You'll Be Bright by [personal profile] diarmi.  Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy. With guest appearance by Nine, Ten and Eleven.
They're reaching for adventure, for stars, for him... And they're glorious.  One of the most perfect choices of song for subject matter that you're going to find, and well made.

Starry Night by [personal profile] azarsuerte. Okay, granted, the choice of song was kind of a gimme.  What else would you use to vid an episode about Vincent Van Gogh but a song about Vincent Van Gogh?  Still, it's a nice song, it was a great episode, and the two are beautifully put together.

Pure Imagination by [ profile] chasarumba.  Again, a perfect match between song and subject.  This takes the song from the original Willy Wonka, and sets it to clips of Amy and the Doctor (first two episodes).  If you want to view paradise, Simply look around and view it, Anything you want to, do it, Wanna change the world? There's nothing To it.  I love the editing and the way the clips were chosen.

Anything the Doctor can Do by Sammy and rhoboat.  This is really funny, playing up on the similarities and competition between the Doctor and the Master (Ten and Simm, respectively).  Bonus, the song (Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better) is sung by Jon Barrowman.

Older vids:

Measuring Cups by [ profile] airie_fairy.  Four and Sarah Jane.  Lots of fun.

Swinging On A Star by [ profile] crayford. Seasons 1-3 of new who, lots of fun.

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I've spent the last couple of days watching the first few episode arcs of Doctor Who that come up on Netflix and are available for streaming, and this completely random sampling of six or so episode arcs (spanning the whole of the classic Who) has had a surprising number of scenes I recognize from my classic Who fanvids--several per arc, actually.  Given the number of episode arcs that Classic Who has, it's quite striking.  Either the episodes that are streaming and come up first in "Doctor Who" searches on Netflix are among the classic episodes, or vidders use the streaming eps for clips.  Or both.

(Vids are What About Everything and Movin right Along; episodes are The Tomb of the Cybermen, The Curse of Fenric, Pyramids of Mars, The Horror of Fang Rock, The City of Death, and a couple others.)

(Also, the first Daleks were awesome villains, and very well done.  The first Cybermen ... not so much.)

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This is the most awesomely hilarious cracktastic vid I've ever seen.

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And, true to recent history, the vid that really caught my eye today on one of my periodic vid hunts was a Doctor Who vid. A little gem by rhoboat called History Repeating. Sung by Shirley Bassey, it's about how no matter what happens, the Doctor's life stays pretty much the same: running, companions, and sonic screwdrivers.

For the Stargate fans out there, here's Who Knew? by [ profile] scifi_tv_addict (song by Pink), Vala and Tomin's relationship from his point of view.
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Here are two great ones:

They by [ profile] fahrbotdrusilla. Episodic vid for Human Nature/Family of Blood, set to 'They' by Jem.

I Feel Good by [ profile] humansrsuperior. The Master, set to 'I Feel Good' by James Brown.

And I have no Dr Who icons. This is a tragic oversight that must be remedied. Anyone know where I can find some good ones?
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It's All Right With Me. Doctor Who, song sung by John Barrowman. Jack does not quite find the Doctor as he left him, Jack/Nine/Ten/Rose/Martha, G. Link goes to the vidder's post.
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This is a "trailer" for Mary Poppins done horror-style--you have got to check it out. It works surprisingly well.
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[ profile] antennapedia is currently watching the new Dr Who for the first time, so I'm going to rec my favorite Dr Who stories.

First up is Five Moments in a Life that Never Was, by [ profile] cadhla. Five snapshots of Susan Foreman, later Susan Campbell, daughter of Gallifrey. (Susan is the Doctor's grandaughter, and traveled as a companion of the First Doctor.)

Next is Today's Not Over Yet by [ profile] misscam. Tomorrow, the world is ending, and today, he is happy. [Eighth Doctor with special guest stars.] The last day before the Doctor reported back home to fight in the Time Wars.

Ghost in the Machine by Rain. Rose is lost in time. Cue a rollercoaster ride of comedy, tragedy, misunderstandings, miracles and faces from the past.

Wouldn't You Like to Get Away? by [ profile] doyle_sb4. Martha (the companion after Rose), after leaving the Doctor to go back to school. Though it was written before any episodes with her had actually, you know, aired.

Misconceptions by [ profile] castrovalva9. The Tylers' neighbour has been observing Rose, Jackie, the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, and Mickey for a while now. This is her side of the story.

And, finally, my favorite: Cheer Up, Emo Time Moppet by [ profile] lizbee. What if the Doctor and Romana had a daughter together? This is her story. Links to the last part because it's the only one with links to all the chapters.

And here are some good Dr Who vids:

I'm Gonna Be by rhoboat. Ten and Rose, to 500 Miles by the Pretenders

Secret Agent Man HumansRSuperior. Ten, as the Secret Agent Man. (Both Rose and Martha)

Alas, the post on LJ where I downloaded my favorite Dr Who vid from is now protected, so I can't share it. And since it was a community, I can't even tell you the name of the author!
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I really enjoyed Superman Returns, but not much has been written for it yet. In case you liked the movie too but haven't come across anything from it, here's some cool stuff.

Two cool vids:

Superman Returns by [ profile] louisemcgregor. Sorry, don't know the song title, the artist is someone called OK Go that I've never heard of, but it's a pretty cool vid. You can tell that parts of it were taken from an A&E special that aired just before the movie came out. Clois, but with lots of action.

Return to Me by [ profile] louisemcgregor. Song by Dean Martin, which is a nice change from the standard fanvid song. This one is more about the relationship between Clark and Lois.


Father, who art in heaven by [ profile] imadra_blue. Clark/Superman's thoughts on Jason and Richard. I thought it was perfect. Unlike most fanfic, it has characters (Clark in this case) facing up to the reality of the situation, which is that he can't ever be the kind of father to Jason that Richard can. Interesting paralells between Clark and Jor-El. Poignant, sad, but still very sweet. And everyone is well-written and in character. There is slight temporal confusion; most of the fic seems to take place immeiately after the movie, but at one point Richard says that Lex has been out of sight for over a year. Aside from that, it is an awesome fic.

Deja Vu by htbthomas. My main problem with Superman Returns is the way they really didn't deal with the end of Supeman II, where Superman wipes Lois' memory of their relationship. That by itself is questionable morally (though he was doing it for good reasons, he shouldn't have done it without asking her first). Then Superman Returns comes along and you find out that their brief relationship produced a child. But she no longer even remembers that relationship. Thats ... pretty freaky, and if I were Lois I'd be pretty freaked out about it. But there was nothing about it in the film, not one word. This fic takes place immediately after the movie, as memories start coming back to Lois, and is mostly about her figuring out what happened and trying to deal with it.

Hold Your Tongue by JulesJanson. In which Clark Kent isn't as good at hiding his secrets as he thinks he is, and Jimmy Figures Things Out. Very good Jimmy voice.


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