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Human Touch (3544 words) by ancarett
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Sarah Connor, James Ellison, Cameron Phillips, Matt Murch, Savannah Weaver
Additional Tags: Post-Season/Series 02

Sarah struggles with her responsibilities after John jumps to the future, leaving a broken Cameron behind.

I miss this show so much.
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[personal profile] laurajv asks: What's your favorite character, from any media, and why?

And the problem with this is the same problem I have with any "what's your favorite?" question, and that is that I've never had any one book or character or movie or anything that I could point to and go "this one is my favorite."  Even if you narrow it down, so it's "what's your favorite character on a particular show?" I almost always go, "well, that depends on my mood."  My fannish affections are extremely poly; I've never had anything resembling an OTP or OTC.  I mean, I have pairings that I like (I'd never choose to pair Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade with anyone else, nor Han and Leia with anyone but each other), but it's not a strong enough thing to go THEY CAN'T EVER BE WITH ANYONE ELSE.  Like, if someone wrote an interesting, well-written story with no character bashing where one of those two pairs broke up or never got together in the first place, I'd read it and enjoy it.  (Well.  Let me clarify that.  If you were going to pair Luke with Callista, you would have to re-write the end of Children of the Jedi so that she didn't end up in Cray's body, because that really, really weirds me out.  Like, ew, and then after that she went off the rails in the other two books she appeared in, but if she weren't in Cray's body to begin with those other books would be different, so.)  But my favorite Star Wars characters are probably Corran Horn and Mara Jade, if you take all things together.  (But then there's Thrawn!  Pelleon!  Padme!  Winter!)

Star Trek characters, well, Saavik and Spock for classic trek, everyone on DS9, B'Elanna Torres and Tuvok on Voyager, Trip and T'Pol on Enterprise, TNG I can't pick favorites, and TOS everyone but Kirk.  (He's too much of a fratboy.  They took out all the character's good points and exaggerated his bad ones.)

Babylon 5, um.  HOW CAN ONE PICK FAVORITES?  They're all awesome!  I start off with Delenn and Lennier, but then would I put them as more beloved than Londo and G'Kar?  And Vir and Na'Toth and Susan and Marcus?  Er.  Well, no.  I mean, my favorite culture to do worldbuilding with is definitely the Minbari which would normally dictate what characters I want to write about.  (Boy, howdy, does that happen with Star Trek.)  But I love Londo and G'Kar and Vir and Na'toth and all the rest so much I love to write them too even if their culture is less interesting to poke around in ...

Battlestar Galactica, I love me some Cylons.  Love 'em, love to hate 'em.  Particularly the Final Five.  And then there's Bill and Laura, love them!  Billy!  Felix!  Lee and Kara annoy me separately and together, but mostly because the show focused on them.  Like, Kara was not the only screwed up person in that fleet.  Neither was Lee.  And the last season and a half there were so many stretches that were all about their issues when I wanted to know what was happening to all the other characters that I love, but we didn't get it because we had to get Yet Another Go-Around on the Lee and Kara show.  (Or the Lee's Daddy Issues show.  Or the Kara is Messed Up Because Life Done Her Wrong show.  And I appreciated in the abstract how rare it is for a heroine to be allowed the kind of damage that Kara was while still being a hero, and it's rare for a heroine to have a Traumatic Backstory not involving rape (I mean, the messed up stalker guy who may/may not have raped her in that creepy New Caprica apartment came long after Kara was screwed up by her mother's abuse, it was a complicating factor not THE REASON FOR EVERYTHING), but still, it was too much for my taste.)

Once Upon a Time.  I ship Belle/Rumple but I'm glad she kicked him out--that's what I like about that pairing, that she's the kind of person who would do that if she had to, they love one another but Twu Wuv doesn't conquer all, and I have been so worried since the beginning that they would try to paper over the ethical issues inherent in that relationship and go "it doesn't matter that he's evil because she loves him!"  So I can't read much fic in that pairing because most of the fic tends to be in that vein.  I hate, loathe, and despise Hook with the passion of a thousand burning suns.  I love Emma, Regina, Neal (I miss Neal!) ...those three are actually probably my favorites on the show, and my favorite character that doesn't get enough love is definitely Neal.  (I mean, I prefer Emma with Neal than anybody else, but like I said I'm not really an OTP type person, and there's a lot of gen Emma and Swan Queen both, and lots of Outlaw Queen as well, to give my my Emma and Regina fixes.  Not much Neal at all.)  Other than that, Mulan and Aurora had so much potential, sigh.

MCU, my favorites are (in no particular order) Peggy, Sam, and Steve.  My favorite character there that fandom that fandom doesn't much care about is Maria Hill.  I believe in Jasper Sitwell.

Doctor Who!  Eleven is my favorite doctor, but Martha and Donna are my favorite companions.  I loved early!River, before she was ruined by making EVERY SINGLE THING IN HER ENTIRE LIFE EVER ABOUT THE DOCTOR AND SHE'LL DO INCREDIBLY SELF-DESTRUCTIVE THINGS BECAUSE OF HIM AND HIDE IT FROM HIM SO HE DOESN'T FEEL BAD.  Gah.  I don't have enough time watching Classic Who to have informed opinions there.  I like Rose as seen on the show, but get really annoyed by Rose as seen by fandom, where SHE IS THE ONE TRUE COMPANION AND EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS ABOUT HER AND THE DOCTOR GETTING TOGETHER AND/OR STAYING TOGETHER AND HE COULD NEVER CARE ABOUT ANY OTHER COMPANION THE WAY HE CARES FOR HER.  Because of this I rarely read any fanfic in which Rose occurs.

Stargate: Sam and Teal'c and Sha're and Hammond are probably my favorites, but I love them all.  And I was never into SGA enough to really have favorites, as such.  It was okay, and I think I saw every ep at least once, but eh.  I read a lot of McShep because there was a lot of it, but the two of them, separately and together, are my least favorite characters on the show.  It's not that I dislike them, but, look, they were the most formulaic and least interesting.

Terminator, I love Sarah Connor and Catherine Weaver and James Ellison and John Henry and Cameron and Jesse and ... look, the Sarah Connor Chronicles are definitely my favorite part of that franchise, and I love almost everything about that show except that it wasn't longer.

Vorkosiverse, again, there's nobody that I don't absolutely love.  Ivan, Simon, Alys, and Elli are the only major characters that I don't think I would ever say is my favorite.  All the rest, yeah, at different times and in different moods I would choose different ones from among them as my favorite.

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... when you go into your WIP file and read a story and go "wow, this is awesome, I want to know what happens next!" ... and can't figure out where you were planning to go from where it ends.  Or think up a new plan.

The story in question is a Criminal Minds/Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles crossover where, after ZeiraCorp gets taken out by a drone, the CM team gets called in to profile Sarah Connor and try to figure out just WTF is going on.  The fic fragment is basically the briefing where they're going over all of Sarah Connor's history and just ... baffled, because someone as delusional as she is should not be able to draw other competent, intelligent people into her delusions, and WTF is up with all these unidentified white males who keep going after her with heavy weaponry?!?  And that's all great, but what do they actually do when they get to California, and what are Sarah and Ellison doing, and ....)

Several of the WIPs I have no real memory of, and some I had forgotten about.  There's another WIP (25k of post-Superman Returns with Kara Zor-El and my take on the prompt that led to [ profile] ljs_lj writing Biopsychology) that I have no clue what's supposed to happen next with the action plot; this is less annoying, because I'm pretty sure the reason it petered out in the first place is because I never had any idea what would happen next with the action plot.  I have Lex Luthor refining Kryptonite rubble from the continent he tried to make, but I don't know what he's going to do with it.  I think I stopped writing in the hope that some nefarious plot would percolate through my brain if I put it on the back burner, and it hasn't worked.  And I love the story, and I want to know what happens next! ... and I don't.

Also, the combination of extreme cold and less-than-normal amounts of snow on the ground for this time of year has led to two water main breaks in town in the last two weeks, the first of which was only on the next block over.  My pipes keep gurgling, and I'm pretty sure it's got something to do with that.
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I'm feeling the need to write something different. You know what that means; fic prompt time. So. Anyone who wants me to write them a fic, comment here. Fics will be at least 500 words long. Each person should make at least two requests, of which I will write one. Each request should contain one or more characters from the list below and a short prompt (theme, quote, etc). ONE request may be for a sequel/timestamp/missing scene/etc. from a fic I have already written. (For instance, I would not be averse at all to writing something more in the universe where Maria von Trapp from the Sound of Music was a Potential.) Crossovers are acceptable, provided I am familiar with both fandoms. I do not write slash or explicit sex.

The Cylons (including the Final Five)
Bill Adama
Laura Roslin

Once Upon A Time:

Stargate: SG-1
General Hammond
Jacob Carter

Martha Kent
Jonathan Kent

Lucius Fox
Jim Gordon
Tim Drake
Babs Gordon
Terry McGinnis

Wonder Woman (as long as you don't mind a mish-mash of all DC canon regarding her)

Babylon 5:
Marcus Cole
Stephen Franklin
Susan Ivanova

Star Wars:
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Princess Leia
Mara Jade
Luke Skywalker
Han Solo
Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
Padme Amidala

Star Trek:


Terminator: SCC
John Henry

Marvel Movieverse:
Steve Rogers
Peggy Carter
Dr. Erskine
Pepper Potts
Maria Hill
Natasha Romanov
Bucky Barnes

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Title: Stories We Tell Ourselves
Characters: Sarah Connor, Catherine Weaver, John Henry
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Betaed By: [personal profile] hradzka
Word Count: 3084
Written For: [personal profile] such_heights for [ profile] rarewomen 2012
Summary: Weaver returns post-born to run, with an offer for Sarah.

At AO3

The doorbell rang. Sarah tensed. )
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It starts this Friday!  I can't wait; it's perfect timing, as I just bought Season 2.  Man, I absolutely love this show.  I love Sarah, and Cameron, and John, and Derek, and Weaver, and Ellison, and Savannah, and John Henry, and all of them.  Yay!
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The Remix is revealed!

I wrote What You Are (The Certain Point of View Remix).  Three people look up at the stars at night in the Tatooine desert, in three different eras.  It's a remix of Rynne's A Certain Reverence.

[personal profile] medie wrote Autumn (The Ashes and Roses Remix) for me, remixing Summer Experience, and her fic only has one comment on it which is a terrible shame.  I think you do have to read the original to get the remix, but the fit together so well, I really like it.  Go, read, review!

(And while you're at it, go read all the other great remix stories!)

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Remix Redux is open!  A lovely story was written for me.  Autumn (the Ashes and Roses Remix) is a remix of Summer Experience.  It's a good story, that incorporates some of the head canon for that 'verse that I mentioned in a comment on my DW, and the anony mouse got Sarah Connor's voice perfectly.  Go read and review!
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Comment on "Summer Experience" via the Pit of Voles:

Nice try but there are some questions you should answer.

First of all:
Who is Dr. Baums Wife ?

You leave more Questions than "Born to run"
Gee, thanks, reviewer.  Never mind that that's not the story I was telling.  Or that, in any story/vignette that small, there will be far more questions raised than answered.  That's the point.  That's why I love reading and writing them: they raise questions and make you think and leave you a lot of space to fill in your own ideas.
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Title: Summer Experience
Author: [personal profile] beatrice_otter 
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Characters: John Connor, Kyle Reese
Word Count: 1,314
Summary: After “Born To Run,” John Connor finds his way back to his own time and prevents Judgment Day. What’s life like for Kyle Reese in a world where the apocalypse never happened?
Spoilers: nothing specific

Two weeks after Kyle started his summer internship at CyberSolutions Research Group, his third year of college, his new boss threw a party for all the interns and new hires. )
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I wrote two fics:

Rio Bravo: My Three Good Companions.  This is a post-movie story to showcase the wonderful camaraderie of the three main characters.  Rio Bravo is a 1959 Western starring John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, and Walter Brennan.  It's a little formulaic, but it's about the height of that genre.  For classic Westerns, it doesn't get much better.  I am always amazed at how much gets packed into each frame, how much good acting and directing there is.  For example, the first five minutes of the film set up the action for the whole rest of the movie, and does so clearly and brilliantly without using any words at all.  The audience simply doesn't need them.  (Also, it is one of Wayne's many later films that works to counter racist stereotypes either subtly or blatantly.  Wayne's only friend in town outside his deputies is the owner of the hotel, a short cheerful Hispanic man.  Carlos shares the duty of comic relief with Walter Brennan, but in the shootout at the end he shows up to provide ammunition and covering fire while the white citizens of town hang back and watch from a distance as if this battle to protect them is merely an afternoon's entertainment.)

Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles:  Eudaimonia.  I always loved the underlying philosophical questions of SCC, particularly between Ellison and John Henry, and this was a wonderful excuse to explore it, so I jumped on this pinch-hit as soon as I spotted it.
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Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles was an awesome television show that was cancelled before its time, and ended on one of the most insane cliffhangers ever, second only to Farscape, only TSCC didn't get a miniseries to wrap things up.

Fortunately, we have [ profile] halcyon_shift, who wrote the magnificent series Out on the Wire. Starting just as the finale ends, These Things My Mother Taught Me (the first story) throws you right into the middle of a tense situation and things never let up. John Connor, in the future, must figure out how to survive in an apocalyptic future where no one knows his name and everyone's suspicious of how he arrived. Sarah Connor, in the past, must keep herself and Savannah alive while Skynet hunts them. Both of them, from opposite ends of the problem and little way of communicating, must work together to save the human race. And I guarantee you, you won't figure out the end until you get there. The writing is tense, surprisingly introspective, and completely in character.

Snippet of the first story )
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I just received the most awesome story for [ profile] scc_reloaded. The story is Independence Day by [ profile] missnya. It's about Derek and Kyle, learning to survive after Judgment Day. It's gorgeous, lyrical writing, from child-Kyle's perspective, and if you have any interest whatsoever in any form of the Terminator franchise, you absolutely must, must, must read this fic. I cannot rec it highly enough.
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Title: Danse Macabre
Author: [personal profile] beatrice_otter 
Fandom: Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles
Rating: PG
Character: Kate Brewster
Warnings: none
Spoilers: all of SCC
Word Count: 1607
Written For: [ profile] lilhobbit in [ profile] scc_reloaded
Betaed by: [ profile] jebbypal
Prompt: "What if we could reprogram them?"

When Kate was twelve, she used to go to her father’s office and hang out with the programmers who worked on the floor below him. )
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Really, I do. But the thing is, I have very specific tastes when it comes to icons. (Hey, my parents are professional photographers--I grew up with photographic art all around me, I got picky about it.) First, they have to be relatively simple. Nothing too busy. It's only 100x100 pixels, people, you get too much stuff in there and it just looks cluttered and muddy. I don't like it when people use weird filters and coloring and stuff--it almost always detracts from the impact of the image. I want that sucker to pop. I like dramatic images and vibrant colors. Contrasts with light and shadow. If there's text, it's got to be awesome text with a reason for being on that icon, and also text that resonates with something I'm likely to want to be talking about in a post that icon could be used with. The image itself needs to be, well, iconic. Striking. Memorable. Not just another headshot of a character or screencap from a random scene in a random episode. If it's a specific moment, that moment needs to be obvious and a critical moment. If it's a character shot, it needs to capture the essence of that character or say something about him or her. Above all, not generic. This is all the stuff an icon has to be before I even give it a second glance, regardless of fandom or anything else about it. (I do occasionally go for a humorous icon, but not for this fandom.)

What am I looking for specifically in a Terminator icon? I want it to be of Cameron, Sarah, or John, or some combination of the three of them. I want it to be kickass, not angsty. I absolutely do not want any romantic/shippy stuff. Some shows I ship, some I'm pure gen, some I waffle on; my Terminator love if pure gen.

I've spent the last several weeks looking at every icon post listed on [ profile] judgment_daily and haven't found anything.
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Title: Priorities
Author: [ profile] beatrice_otter
Fandom: Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles
Summary: Cameron, at the end of Born to Run
Rating: G
Characters: Cameron, John Henry
Word Count: 1414
Betaed by: [ profile] hradzka

The structure and organization of the computer banks that served as John Henry’s central processing unit are far different from the chip that served the same purpose in Cameron’s body. )
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Title: Priorities
Author: [personal profile] beatrice_otter
Fandom: Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles
Summary: Cameron, at the end of Born to Run
Rating: G
Characters: Cameron, John Henry
Word Count: 1414
Betaed by: [ profile] hradzka

The structure and organization of the computer banks that served as John Henry’s central processing unit are far different from the chip that served the same purpose in Cameron’s body. )
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Just watched the season 3 finale. If they don't continue the show ... wow. I will go nuts.

Then I will write much fic.
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You must read this story. It's awesome. [ profile] hradzka is the king of gen, particularly gen dealing with parent-child relationships, and this is a future fic about Catherine and Savannah Weaver (from Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles) that's creepy, brilliant, and yet strangely hopeful. I cannot reccomend it highly enough.

Catherine Weaver wins. Then what?


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