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So, a few months back I made my first icons, out of Honor Harrington book covers. (Nothing fancy, just cropping them to 100x100, pretty much.) In the process, I discovered that the French editions are coming out with some absolutely gorgeous cover art, that I want as wall art. (You can see the originals here, at the artist's deviantart.)  And going back and checking revealed several more covers that weren't there last time I checked! So. Here are nine more HH icons.

beatrice_otter: Honor Harrington with exploding spaceships (Honor Ashes of Victory)
I just made my first icons ever!  Not bad, with only Paint and the utility that comes with my digital camera.  I have all of the American covers except the original Field of Dishonor, I think (because I loathe that cover).  Two of these were made for me by my mother a while back.  And I used some of the French covers because the new artist they have doing them is awesome, seriously, they should put those babies on the American editions.  All are shareable, please comment and credit.


On Basilisk Station     At All Costs cover     French cover of Flag in Exile

Honor Harrington is Awesome )
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Books filled my house as a child.  So did science fiction and fantasy.  (Every year, regular as clockwork, my Dad read The Hobbit to me and my younger brother.)  So, naturally, I became a great reader.  I read a lot, and I read fast.  And, in elementary school, oh joy of joys, I discovered the public library, which was only two blocks away from my parents' business.  You can see where this is going, right?  I started devouring the books there.  But, you know, they had a strict limit on how many books you can check out at a time (only twenty!  the horror, the deprivation!), and I read fast and constantly, and YA books are usually pretty short.  So one day, the librarian (who knew me quite well by then) took me over to the adult (grown-up, not porn, get your minds out of the gutter) section of the library and showed me the science fiction section, particularly the Star Trek novels all on the same shelf.  I was probably just starting middle school, by that point; it's one of the clearest memories I have of childhood, that glorious moment when I saw all those books I had never read, and all of them so much bigger--i.e. more-to-read--than the YA and children's books.  It was awesome.

I started out with the Star Trek books, already being a fan of the series.  Once I'd read all of those, I started expanding.  And one of my first finds was Honor Harrington.  (The series as DRM-Free multiformat e-books)

Cover of Honor Among Enemies by David Weber.  Honor at a holo-plot with a ship and a planet in the background.  Image by David Mattingly.

I was in love. Here was a female character like me, with whom I could identify!  Why Honor Harrington is Awesome )

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Fandom often hates on women, female characters, for a lot of reasons.  Over at [ profile] womenlovefest people are doing their best to counteract that, one bit at a time.  Here is my first contribution (and, indeed, my first graphic ever): a banner for Honor Harrington.

Based on the Honor Among Enemies cover by David B. Mattingly.  All I did was crop it and add text.

The cover of Honor Among Enemies, by David Weber.  Honor Harrington standing on a starship bridge looking at the holographic plotter.

And, remember, four of the books in this series (and several others by David Weber) are available for free in the Baen Free Library, here.

beatrice_otter: Honor Harrington with exploding spaceships (Honor Ashes of Victory)
[profile] akzseinga is having a fest celebrating unpopular women running from this Friday (9/9) to next Friday (9/16).

Fandoms of any size are encouraged, any female character you've seen hate against (even if it's just from a few people) is eligible. You can write meta or fic, make graphics, share fanmixes, or basically anything else that's celebrating the female character you've claimed. There is a limit of three claims per language per character (so, three people could create for a character in English, and three more in Spanish, and three more in Russian, etc.).  There are a lot of women characters out there who get hated for some pretty misogynistic reasons.  Let's spread some love!

I will be doing Honor Harrington, because she was my favorite fictional character when I was a teen and very important to me, and I just recently (not for the first time) heard her dismissed as a caricature and a man with boobs.
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So, remember a few weeks before Christmas when I posted about the icons I wanted, and how they were all images that just needed to be cropped and resized but my graphics skills weren't up to the task?

My parents are professional photographers, and their studio Haugen's Galleri has been completely digital for over five years now. So they've got these incredible cameras and computers and graphics programs, and it took Mom like two seconds per image to make them into icons. She threw in an image from my High School senior portraits, too. (Yeah, I know it's been eight years since they were taken, but I haven't changed that much and it's not like you can see my face anyway.) It's my new default icon. Isn't it pretty?

Anyway, here they are:
My Senior Portrait

1633 by Eric Flint

Batman Begins and

Brother Cadfael

Honor Harrington and and
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Title: A Picture of Happiness

Author: [personal profile] beatrice_otter
Rating: PG
Fandom: Honor Harrington

Pairing: Honor/Paul
Warnings: none
Spoilers: Field of Dishonor
Word Count: 1613
Written For: [personal profile] darkdanc3r in [community profile] yuletide
Betaed by: [personal profile] wolfhound, with canon-help by Jessica
Prompt: the poor woman needs something to go well for her for once
Author's Notes/Summary: Honor and Paul visit home. Missing scene from Field of Dishonor.

And note the shiny new icon Mom made for me for Christmas!


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