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Join us at [community profile] wipbigbang Sign up March 24-April 7 and Finish Your Sh**! This is a Big Bang with one goal in mind: to clean out your drafts folder. These are stories that were unfinished for whatever reason, that authors returned to and completed, and the art that goes with them! All fandoms welcome!

Last year I finished my Criminal Minds/Stargate crossover, The Genetics Factory.  Should I sign up again?  If so, which of my many WIPs should I work on?
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My parents are visiting.  And my house is, as usual, a bit of a mess.  I did clean up some things (scrub the tub and toilets, things like that) but not others, because, look.

My Dad and I are a lot alike.  Our idea of a nice, relaxing vacation is to sit around reading and chatting a bit, occasionally doing stuff.

My Mom HATES sitting still.  She is one of those people who always needs to be DOING something.  Or she either goes nuts or falls asleep.

We're going out to do stuff in the afternoon, but just spending a quiet morning in.  So far, while Dad and I have spent time chatting, reading, and the like, Mom has:
  • Cooked breakfast (despite the general agreement being that we're on our own for all meals but dinner)
  • cleaned the kitchen
  • dusted all the knicknacks in the dining room
And yesterday she dusted all my bookshelves and the living room.  It's like having a house-elf.
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It was a lot of fun last year, so if you love Peggy Carter and the supporting characters of her world and can write, draw, or vid, head on over!  FAQ is here, signups here.

• March 1-12: Nominations.
• March 15-25: Signups.
• March 28 or 29: Assignments go out.
• May 1: No-fault dropout deadline.
• June 1: Fanworks due.
• June 8: Archive goes live.
• June 15: Reveals.

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[ profile] ssr_confidential_2017 is a fanfic exchange for Agent Carter, with fic, vids, and art being exchanged.


This is a very long letter with lots of stuff, but please don't let that intimidate you.  I'm actually fairly easy to please; I am very rarely disappointed with a ficathon story.  I write long and detailed Dear Author letters because I find such things helpful when I'm writing for other people; if you are like me, here you go!  If your style is different and a detailed letter makes you feel hemmed-in, feel free to do what works for you.

The most important thing for me in a fic is that the characters are well-written and recognizably themselves.  Even when I don't like a character, I don't go in for character-bashing.  If nothing else, if the rest of this letter is too much or my kinks just don't fit yours, just concentrate on writing a good story with everyone in character and good spelling and grammar and I will almost certainly love what you come up with.

General likes/dislikes )

Specifics! )
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A few years ago I read (but neglected to bookmark) a Boromir fic that I haven't been able to find since.  It takes place with him as a younger man, and ends just as he's being sent off to Rivendell.  Middle Earth is homophobic and heteronormative, and Boromir was queer of some sort (bi? gay? don't remember).  He starts a relationship with a fellow-soldier, a guy who was older than he was but (I think) below him in rank.  They were happy together for a while, Faramir figured it out and was a bit disgusted by it but still accepted his brother.  Then Denethor figured it out, severely punished Boromir's lover, and sent Boromir off to Rivendell as a way of permanently separating them.

Anybody know this?  Can anybody point me in the right direction?
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Re-reading Whispers Underground, on page 3 Peter thinks " ... including me and Abigail.  Or, as Nightingale insists it should be, Abigail and I."

Except "me and Abigail" is actually correct.  Boo, Nightingale, for not explaining the rule.  The easiest way of figuring it out is, if you strip out the other people, should it be "me" or "I"?  So, since "including I" would be wrong, it should be "including me."

Now, the reason that Nightingale really should have explained this (and why I suspect this shows he is a terrible language teacher) is that he's teaching Peter Latin, right?  Whenever one is teaching a foreign language, it REALLY REALLY HELPS to learn a big more ENGLISH grammar at the same time--not just "what's right" but "why is it right" because if you can figure out the grammar patterns and structure in your own language, it's a lot easier to figure out the grammar patterns and structure in a different language.  I don't think it matters to everyday usage whether Peter uses the right or wrong pronoun in situations like this--everybody's going to know what he means, which is the main point of communicating, after all.  But it might matter to how easy it is for him to figure out the Latin he's getting his head stuffed with.  So insisting on the "correct" form is just snobbishness, not genuine language teaching.

I mean, I'm not blaming him for being a bad teacher!  He never got any training, and languages are hard to teach as well as to learn!  But while nobody but him could teach the magic stuff, they might have been better off hiring a language tutor or something for the Latin.

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I got the first three books for Christmas, devoured them, got the rest of the series, and am on my second read-through.  I have some questions.

First, what was Faceless Man #2 doing between the incapacitation of the first one and the Covent Garden riot?  Was he just living the life of a posh Londoner doing a bit of magic on the side?  Given later events, this seems ASTONISHGINGLY unlikely, but that is all the evidence we have.  Was he continuing on with the Strip Club of Doctor Moreau, and if so, why didn't whats-his-face, the burlesque owner who gets killed by the Pale Lady in Moon Over Soho (and the guy who tipped them off about the club's existence), know the club was still in operation?

Second, what does Faceless Man #2 reappearance on the scene of the London Underworld have to do with the Covent Garden Riot?  Quite aside from Peter's guess that he's interested in Leslie because of something leftover from her time as Pretty Polly, the burlesque owner pins his reappearance on the scene as connected with the Covent Garden riot.  Was he stirring up things, and is that what gave Punch his boost and set him on his way, besides the one-night revival of the play Pyke was in?  Or was his reappearance a reaction to that huge event?  Did it spur him on, or provide something he needed, or deprive him of something he wanted?

I know there were other questions I was going to put in this post, but I can't remember them.
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Need a good bit of political news?  Democrats in Delaware stood firm and kept the state blue in a special election to fill a State Senate seat that could have given a majority to Republicans if things had gone the other way.  This doesn't have as big a national impact as a US Senate election does, but it still has some impact ... and it has a potentially HUGE impact on Delaware itself.  Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time or donated money to help it happen.  And THANK YOU ESPECIALLY to all those who took the time to go vote for a special election.

Let's do it again!

The next state-level special elections are in Connecticut (February 28), Pennsylvania (March 21), and Louisiana (March 25).  There are others further out than that.  (Including Georgia 6 on April 18, which is historically Republican but which Hillary almost won.)

On the national level, the next special elections to the US House of Representatives are California district 34 (April 4), Kansas 4 (April 11), Georgia 6 (April 18), South Carolina 5 (June 20), and Montana At-Large (TBD).

Please CHECK THE LIST of upcoming special elections at Ballotpedia (general US politics encyclopedia) and Flippable (Progressive website designed to target seats that can be flipped to Democrat) and mark your calendars if you have a special election coming up.  They traditionally have low turnout, so even a small bump to one side or the other can make a difference.  Also, even if the Democrats don't win a particular election, other state politicians will be watching.  If something unusual happens--a district that has been reliably red only staying red by a much smaller margin of error than is traditional--they'll take note of it.  It will show them that the people calling them and showing up at town hall meetings aren't an isolated, small group of crackpots, nor people who are going to get burned out and stop caring, but an actual shift in the politics of their district that they're going to have to take into account if they want to keep their seats.
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PM I just received from the Pit of Voles*:

I was wondering if you would like to write a Beauty And The Beast fic request for me to celebrate the upcoming the live action Disney film being released in movie theaters next month.
Wow.  Going up to a perfect stranger and asking them to write your fic prompt.  And just a bare request.  From someone who hasn't even bothered to review or comment on the one fic in that fandom I've written.  Wouldn't you know it, it was a guy?

*, for all you baby!fen out there, so named because of the relatively low ratio of good fic to badly-written fic, and the high number of jerks who comment.  While I don't read there unless a fic is specifically recced, because there's so much crap to wade through and very little way to narrow it down, I am a big believer in redundancy.  I want all my fic in as many places as possible so that if one archive goes down, it isn't lost--I've had too many favorite stories go the way of the dodo bird for that very reason.
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Mostly what I need is someone to tell me if everyone is in character and if it hangs together on a meta level.
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For those of you who don't know, The Shack is a best-selling book about Christian faith, and particularly how we deal with loss and grief, and lots of Christians love it and some Christians hate it and it just got made into a movie, and I wanted to know if I should take my youth group to see it.  Having never read the book, I asked my fellow pastors in an online forum.  Most said it was great, not perfect but with some really great things to discuss, and one was vehement that it was a horrible, destructive, and misleading theology and view of God.  So I asked him why he thought that, since everyone else thought it was great.  His key arguments:
  1. It uses feminine imagery for God, which contradicts Scripture.
  2. God is only loved in the book, never feared, and in Scripture he is always feared.
But, uh, dude,
  1. The Bible uses feminine imagery for God in several places, and particularly maternal--Jesus describes himself as "a mother hen" who wants to gather his chicks into his wings, in the Hebrew Scriptures God describes Godself as a nursing mother a couple of times ... yeah, God-as-woman is a small part of Scripture but it's woven throughout.  Denying the maternal and feminine aspects of God are the thing that truly contradicts Scripture.
  2. The greatest commandment as given by Jesus is to LOVE the Lord your God.  Not fear, LOVE.  And you know what?  He got that from the Hebrew Scriptures, he's quoting there.  So while the idea of fearing God is in Scripture, so is the idea of loving God.  Also, Biblical ideas of what it means to "fear" God are not what we talk about when we talk about fear.  It's a sort of awe-filled respect and awareness of vulnerability that we don't really get in English.
So his two major arguments against it are COMPLETELY bogus.  And wrong.  And, actually, make me more inclined to take the kids to see it, not less.  He notes other problems that (if he's right about them) are definitely issues, but ones that I think we would benefit from discussing, so again, a reason to take them to see it, not to avoid it.
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Lost recordings made just after World War II of Holocaust survivors singing songs have been rediscovered at the University of Akron. These recordings were part of a project by Dr. David Boder, a Latvian Jewish psychologist who had settled in the United States in the 1920s and quickly made a name for himself in academia and as a clinician. He became an American citizen in 1932, but he traveled regularly to Europe and kept in touch with his family until the war disrupted movement and communications.

In May of 1945, just days after the Allies accepted Germany’s unconditional surrender, Boder got the idea to interview displaced persons, Holocaust survivors, victims of the dislocations and horrors of World War II. His aim was first to get a record of victims’ experiences while it was all still painfully fresh.
Some of the recordings were lost, some they just didn't have a way to listen to anymore, but they are now all safely digitized.  You can read more here.
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Want to bug your Congresscritters in person?  Here's a handy list of where they'll be in the next year!  Town Halls, office hours, etc.
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From [personal profile] rydra_wong:

Hope not Hate have an urgent call for funds to try to stop Paul Nuttall of UKIP from winning the Stoke by-election (it's a real danger, would energize them a lot, and HnH's take is that Nuttall is even more right wing than Farage):

They're aiming for £5000; from the fund-raising e-mail:

The £5,000 will go towards:

15,000 ‘Nuttall Fraudster’ leaflets
5,000 letters which will be hand-delivered to key women voters in Stoke Central
A 8pp tabloid newspaper for Leigh

(Leigh is another likely upcoming by-election.)

From what I know, HnH have a very solid track record of effective campaigning against UKIP, which is one reason why Farage hates them so much.

(The libel suit is still in progress, btw.)

Good place to donate to stop fascist hate-mongers in the UK
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You can find the whole list of vids on DW or the website.  Here are my faves.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
Behind Blue Eyes.  HAL just wants to be loved.  Creeeeeeepy.

Annie (2014)
Kids in America.   It's a hard-knock life.

Attack the Block
Invincible.  'When they come to destroy the Earth, they'll have to go through you first.'  I've already watched this one several times.

Carrie Fisher RPF
A Better Son/Daughter.  You'll be honest, you'll be brave.  WOW.  This one REALLY packs a punch.

Dark City (1998)
Sunny Days (Theme to "Sesame Street").  Can anyone tell me how to get to Shell Beach?  Really creepy and effective mismatch of song and movie.

A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery
Easy on the Eyes.  Lord Peter is fascinated by many things about Harriet Vane.

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot
Pick Yourself Up.  Getting the band (of Doctors) back together.

Luke Cage
Battle Cry.  Misty, Claire, Luke: Truth, Healing, Freedom.  PERFECT character vid.

A New Day.  The highs and lows of Mariah Dillard

Jack the Giant Killer.  The world is big, she's little, but that doesn't mean there's nothing she can do about it.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (BBC, 2016)
Never Look Away. I want the storm inside you awoken now.  BTW, anyone know how to get ahold of the source for this one?  It looks really cool!

Pitch/Baseball history
Anything Goes.  America's national pastime, from Jackie to Ginny.

The Greatest.  The three most important words are, "Endure, endure, endure."

Rivers of London
An Introduction.  The adventures of Police Constable (/apprentice wizard) Peter Grant.  I spent the entire time watching this vid going "this all fits together too well to be a fan thing, there HAS to have been a RoL miniseries or something that I missed, right? Right?"  But no, this vidder is just that good.

Objectified.  I want to be objectified.
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This is an AMAZING Carrie Fisher vid that was made for Festivids.  You have to watch it, and then go watch the rest of them.

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Over the last couple of days, I've been going through my WIPs to figure out what I can finish and get posted and what will take more work.  One fic just required another scene added, which was done, and now it's off at the betas.  But the strange thing is, one of the fics was done.  I mean, it could use a beta pass, but like it was a complete story (not just ending at a logical place but at the place I had intended to end it).  Why the heck didn't it get sent off to the beta when I finished it?  IDK.  Hopefully they will both get published in the next few days.
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Title: Hand in Glove
Fandom: Mars Help Wanted posters (2009)
Written by: [personal profile] beatrice_otter 
Word count: 3554
Written for: [personal profile] lady_ragnell in [community profile] yuletide 2016
Summary: This, Javier Navarro thought in disgust as he stared up at the tower he was supposed to fix, was not exactly the heroic and exciting thing he had imagined when he’d seen the NASA recruiting posters and, on a whim, submitted an application.

At AO3

Heroic recruiting poster of a space-suited technician fixing a satellite dish on Mars


This, Javier Navarro thought in disgust as he stared up at the tower he was supposed to fix, was not exactly the heroic and exciting thing he had imagined when he’d seen the NASA recruiting posters and, on a whim, submitted an application. )


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Title: From Castle to Palace
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (1991)
Author: [personal profile] beatrice_otter 
Rating: Gen
Length: 17,645 words
Betaed By: [personal profile] arithanas 
Written for: [personal profile] eida in [community profile] yuletide 2016
Summary: The curse is broken. Belle and her Beast would be happy to just live quietly together in the curse-free castle. Unfortunately, the rest of France has other ideas …

AN: This supposedly takes place in France, but Adam is not a very French name. So, since I don’t know that that name is ever used in the animated movie (and if so, it is only very briefly), I am taking the liberty of changing his name in this story to Louis.

AN2: Also, as I was reading up on the French court of the Ancien Régime, I came across a LOVELY way to slip the Beast into actualfax French Royal Family and French history. This then sparked an idea that ate my brain. The historical details and personalities are as accurate as Wikipedia would let me get.

At AO3

The rest of that day was chaos. )
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Title: The Music of the Spheres
Fandom: Fantasia (1940)
Author: [personal profile] beatrice_otter 
Rating: Gen
Length: 1662 words
Betaed By: [personal profile] yeomanrand 
Written for: [ profile] dussek in [community profile] yuletide 2016
Summary: This is the music that underscores all.

At AO3

It begins with a bassoon. )


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