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Abigail, you are AWESOME. Don't ever change.

Abigail texted me that she had something to show.

Not only had she found all the relevant footage, she’d edited out the boring bits, spliced it all together, added musical backing in the shape of Ella Henderson’s “Ghost” and transferred it to her laptop so we could watch it without interfering in the smooth operation of Dwain’s control room.

I was fairly certain the CCTV footage was proprietary, so I checked with Dwain who said he didn’t even know it was possible to transfer it out like that.

“You’re not going to report us, right?” I asked.

“You’re kidding,” he said. “I’ve just hired her to optimise my home entertainment system.”

I asked Abigail how much she was planning to charge.

“Client confidentiality,” she said. “But if you want your stuff at the coach house fixed I can give you a quote.”

I love her resourcefulness--and the fact that she's double-checking stuff from the records by getting an old film camera and learning to develop film.

Also, Peter, word DOES get around. How many landmarks have been demolished or seriously damaged with you involved?

They didn’t seem bothered, but they did want a firm commitment that we’d warn them before doing anything drastic.

“Like what?” I asked.

Like demolish any landmarks, said the Thames Valley Police.

“Good one,” said I.

They said they weren’t joking, but I’m almost a hundred percent certain they were.

And Nightingale, hee!

“Of course,” said Nightingale. “Which reminds me, it’s about time we started you on your Greek.” My face must have betrayed my enthusiasm because he quickly added, “I think you’re going to find Marcus Aurelius particularly useful.”

“For what?” I asked.

Nightingale hesitated.

“Quoting, mainly,” he said. “And thus maintaining an air of erudition and authority.”

“Given the fact that we’re already working our arses off,” I said, “do you really think that’s an operational priority?”

“Undoubtedly,” said Nightingale. “How else will we keep Abigail’s respect?”

And Peter has good taste in music if he likes Janelle Monae.

I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED THAT BRENNE GOT INTO THAT WALLED-OFF ROOM.  Like, that's the most interesting part.  Obviously, George Buckland listened to her, figured out what was going on, and sent out his fellow ghosts to get the word out (probably assuming that there were a lot more people about who know about magic and are looking at ghosts, having died and been walled off long before Ettersburg), and Brenne's memory faded like everyone else who encountered those ghosts (and what is it about the Rose Jars that induces that?  Regular ghosts don't do it!).  If she was just sort of ... mystically transported into that room, no wonder Creepy Stalker Guy was nervous--he must have thought she'd escaped somehow when he came down there to find her and she wasn't there.

I wonder how much (if any) of this will get back to Seawoll et al, and how disgusted they are going to be that Peter getting involved in a "Chav Valley Police" case gets them a quick clear-up of something they absolutely can report with minimal editing out of the uncanny, whereas when anything happens in central London, it's all wizard duels and rivers and chimeras and fae.

And, uh, I'm sure the riverine politics of the Chess are going to be ... interesting.  Like, is he a tributary, like Beverly, or a major river, like Mama and Father Thames?  If he is a tributary, does his parent river currently have a god/dess?  Though if so, you'd expect them to take an interest.  But in any case, what are the demimonde leaders and genius loci nearby, and what are THEY going to think of one of Mama Thames' daughters taking an interest?
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